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Bitcoin: top10 in global capitalization and rally until February

We are so used to seeing triple-digit revaluations and more in cryptocurrencies, that sometimes, we are unable to appreciate less spectacular advances. Is what happened in 2021 with Bitcóin from which almost a new era was expected in 2021 and in some respects, it has only remained in potentiality for the future.

And it is that seeing the glass half full or half empty depends on each one. In the case of Bitcoin 2021 has represented the legitimation, if not total, of the value, yes very accelerated. And we say legitimation because never have the great international gurus been so interested, both for and against, of cryptocurrencies, although the balance of institutionalized support wins.

Too the opening of large firms and especially of banks and fintech to an increasingly demanded sector, which, by virtue of what consumers ask for, have opened the doors to the sale and exchange, as well as to the custody of many international entities, in a path of no return that will be consolidated in 2022, they have already been encouraged to do so .

Support as fundamental as that of Elon Musk o Cathie Wood elevan a otro nivel a Bitcóin, also before the proliferation of the innumerable, best and worst, new cryptocurrencies that already raise those present in the increasingly numerous blockchain universe above 8,000.

But as we say the perspective, which has been able to disappoint with a Bitcoin far from $ 100,000 at year-end and 53% below those levels sometimes it does not allow us, as a tree, to see the crypto forest that opens up in front of us. Dfrom those levels of $ 68,990 marked on November 10, it loses around 32%, but with annual advances that exceed 60% annually, more than doubling, for example, the annual gains of 26.9% achieved by the S & P500.

And that they place Bitcín with more than 889,000 million dollars in the top 10 of the global capitalization which leads the gold followed by Apple in the global financial markets, behind Meta and ahead of Nvidia.

Bitcoin asset annual price


The premium indicators of Investment Strategies on Bitcoin show us that the asset moves in rebound mode and with a drop of one point while it reaches a total score of 4.5 of the 10 possible to which the value can aspire in its trajectory in the market.

Its trend is mixed, it is bullish in the long term and bearish in the medium. Its slow total moment is positive and its fast total moment negative. Meanwhile, the trajectory of its business volume is unified, which is negative: in its two aspects, both in the medium and long term it is decreasing for Bitcóin and its volatility is mixed: a range of decreasing amplitude in the long term and increasing in the medium

Looking ahead to 2022, Ray Dalio, for example, believes that Bitcóin will not reach the billion dollar mark And he doesn’t think he can outperform gold as a hedge asset, or as the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Brigewater Associates calls it a “wealth pool” of choice. For an investor, let us remember that without indicating exactly how much, He confessed that he had Bitcoin in his wallet and also Ethereum, albeit a small amount.

Quite the opposite of what you think Willy Woo who sees a significant increase between January and February for the price of Bitcóin due to the increase of digital currencies by the holders in the long term, which feels a trend.

And there are those who go further. For all of 2022 Brock Pierce, the North American businessman considers that the increase in inflation and the printing of these coins could lift Bitcoin to new highs that could even reach $ 100,000 and even hit $ 200,000 in the final part of the year.A) Yes the capitalization of the blockchain universe, would exceed 10 trillion dollars to say of the former CEO of Bitmain, Jihan Wu.

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