Thursday, October 6

Car sales in Spain increased 1% in 2021

  • Registrations reached 859,477 cars but are still 32% below the 2019 figure.

  • The pandemic and the microchip crisis delay recovery.

If 2021 had to be a positive year in the automotive sector compared to the hit of 2020, the figures conclude that this recovery must wait. At the end of the fiscal year last year, the automobile market closed with a little growth of 1% compared to 2020, which does not serve to make up the decrease in sales, since comparing with 2019 (the last reliably paced year before the pandemic) the Enrollment drop stands at -32%.

In December, the passenger car market fell again by 18.7%, confirming the crash caused by microchip supply crisis that consolidated from the month of June with decreases of -17.1% (June), -28.9% (July), -28.8% (August), -15.7% (September), -20.5% (October) and -12.3 % (November).

The renters go up

The vehicle supply shortage it continued to be noticed in December in all sales channels. The one of renters recorded the worst drop with a drop in deliveries in the month of -45% to 4,063 units. In the Conjoint of the year, However, this channel increased its purchases by 58.5% compared to 2020, up to 152,326 units. The channel individuals registered a fall in the month of 19.4%, to 41,814 units while in the set of the year, your purchases fell 12.8%, up to 372,637 units.

The consolation of the average emission reduction of CO2 that was coked into 101.4 grams (-2.5% compared to 2020), a commendable figure but still low, helped by the increase in engines hybrid, plug-in and electric that grew 42%. Between the last two, the increase was 62.7% in total alternative fuel registrations (34.9% of the total market). Diesel represented 19.9% ​​of sales in 2021 and gasoline 45.1%.

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The ‘king’ Seat Arona

For Models, the Seat Arona has been crowned as the best seller on the market with 21,946 units, follow him Hyundai Tucson a scarce 688 units (although it was the best-selling car in December with 2,423 models marketed). The interaunal third place went to the Dacia Sandero (the best-seller in 2020) that placed 20,419 cars on the market. Peugeot 2008 (19,426) and Toyota Corolla (16,983) complete the top 5 of the Spanish market.

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