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Catalan businesses will hire 10% more for sales than last year

The sales campaign will generate more than 28,000 new hires in Catalonia. The now traditional report of employment forecasts of the Human Resources company Adecco indicates that this volume of jobs is 9.6% higher than last year, when some 25,600 people were hired between January and February. This forecast also means improving by 17% the data that the same firm anticipated for the sales campaign prior to the arrival of the covid, that is to say that if these calculations are fulfilled, the hiring for the sales in Catalonia would considerably exceed that of the season prepandemic.

In the rest of Spain, the statistics are similar: if at the beginning of 2020 Adecco estimated that almost 125,000 work contracts would be signed, this year it places its forecast at 176,000, 40% more than then and 7.5% more than last year. A good part of this rebound rests in Catalonia, which repeats itself as the community that will hire the most people, followed by the Valencian Community (24,800 contracts) and Madrid (24,500), which in turn seals the most notable increase compared to last year, 10%.

“This campaign will be a continuation of the trend experienced during the period of Black Friday Y Christmas, with the rise of e-commerce “, explains the company responsible for the estimate in a statement. So much so that, in fact, Adecco foresees that the hiring will be largely concentrated in areas related to the electronic commerce. Thus, the most searched profiles will be packers, guys, order pickers, cartwheels and those known as last mile professionals.

Physical trade

“As is usual in sales, physical commerce and ‘retail’ will also be the protagonists, although they will create employment at a slower rate than in other years, depending on the restrictions in each area,” they add. In this area they will demand commercial promoters, shop assistants, cashiers and personnel for perfumery, toy store, cosmetic Y electronics, as well as commercial Y experienced dependents.

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Randstad, a company in the same sector, agrees with the reading. This temporary work company stated a few days ago that it calculates that hiring will increase this year by around 14% compared to 2021 and almost 30% in relation to the pre-pandemic campaign. Also in their estimation the rise was attributed to the push of the logistics sector, although in this case they anticipate that Andalusia will be the community that will hire the most, with 36,350 new jobs, about 2,000 more than Catalonia.

For Catalan commerce, the majority of jobs will be in the province of Barcelona, ​​which again according to Adecco, will concentrate three out of every four contracts. In Tarragona the sales campaign will employ 3,500 people, in Girona 2,600 and in Lleida 876.

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