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Catalan start-ups close a record investment in 2021

The Catalan entrepreneurial universe continues its climb to the podium of European ecosystems. Barcelona It is, with the data for 2021 in hand, the fourth city in the European Union that closed the most rounds of financing last year, and the sixth that managed to attract more volume. In total, Catalan start-ups captured 1,479 million euros last year, a figure more than three times higher than the previous year and which means beating their own record by far: without going any further, in 2020, this The same indicator was below 500 million.

This is stated by the agency for the competitiveness of the company of the Generalitat Action in a report published this Monday showing that this type of technology-based companies based in Barcelona closed 148 rounds of financing. According to these data, only Paris, Berlin Y Amsterdam they sealed more operations, with the French capital at the fore with 150% more agreements than its Catalan counterpart. As for the ‘start-ups’ of Madrid, the most direct rival ecosystem for Barcelona, ​​these closed between January and December 122 rounds.

Although this leaves the Spanish capital three places behind the ecosystem of Catalonia, the volume captured places them both one behind the other. To make this comparison, Acció technicians add to the 1,475 million Catalans the agreement that Mediapro closed with Hontai last November, an operation of 620 million euros that is left out of the rest of the report because the size and trajectory of the company chaired by Jaume Roures move it away from the definition of ‘start-up’. However, the analysis of the volume does include this operation because, as they have from the agency responsible for collecting the data, they have no way of knowing what type of information the rest of the cities with which they are compared include.

Thus, in summary, if the Mediapro round is taken into account, Barcelona is the sixth city with the most money raised from investors, a list headed by Berlin with 10 billion euros. Leaving out this operation, the Catalan capital is in seventh position and behind Madrid, which ends the year having achieved 1.7 billion euros. In any case, according to those responsible for the report, Barcelona improves the eighth place it registered in 2020.

Glovo and Wallapop in front

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Among the rounds that make up these almost 1,500 million investments that the Catalan start-ups have attracted, the most prominent are those of Glovo, Wallapop and TravelPerk. The company dedicated to delivery (which begins the year by handing over its control to the German firm Delivery Hero) raised 450 million dollars in April, then the largest round of a Spanish start-up. Wallapop had tied another 157 million in February; and TravelPerk a third of 160 million dollars (145 million euros, according to Acció).

The first two are two of the flagship unicorns of the Catalan entrepreneurial universe, and the third is a firm candidate to be one. In fact, this agency for business competitiveness points to Barcelona as the seventh most promising ‘hub’ in terms of the number of companies that will soon reach a value of one billion dollars.

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