Sunday, October 2

IAG is in a very interesting situation in the short term

Airlines have once again been impacted by omicron. Last weekend, thousands of flights had to be canceled in the United States. Firms in the travel sector are moving to the tune that marks the pandemic.

If we look at IAG (Iberia), today starts the day in positive, leading the increases of the IBEX 355. According to the analyst José Antonio González, “IAG is in a very interesting situation in the short term, we could say that the beginning of the year not bad. ”

Things change if we look at the medium-term perspective, where we see a structure of decreasing maximums – minimums. But in the short term it may be interesting, because you can see figures of change in trend, in forms of double bottom, as can be seen in the graph.

From the support zone of 1.4830 euros, it is managing to bounce up thanks to the double bottom and is attacking the highs reached on December 7, at 1.7175 euros, confirming the double bottom. This allows you to project a goal of 1.9520 euros. “It doesn’t change the outlook, but there are signs that, in the short term, IAG can do well.”

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