Thursday, September 29

“If it takes you longer to arrive I’ll kill her”: a man is arrested while he attacked his partner in Valencia




“If you take longer to arrive I’ll kill her.” Agents of the National Police and the Local Police avoided a tragedy in Valencia this Sunday by arresting a 32-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of mistreatment in the family environment and violation of restraining order. The arrested man entered his partner’s home and punched her in front of her baby, as reported by the Higher Police Headquarters.

The events occurred on the seven in the morning this sunday, when the agents were commissioned by the 091 Chamber to go to a home in the Marítim district, where a woman was being attacked by her partner.

Once there, the police heard screams coming from the house and observed a very nervous woman going down to the portal.

The woman explained that her partner, who has a restraining order from her, had gone to his building moments before and had thrown a brick against his window, so he decided to notify the police.

Then, as the agents were able to find out, the suspect would have gone up to his home, where he agreed after fracturing the frame of the entrance door.

Already inside I would have punched him several times in the face, while affirming that he was going to kill him, all in the presence of their one-year-old baby.

After learning the facts, the policemen went up to the house and they located the suspect very upset, with the baby in her arms. Once the minor was saved, the agents detained the man as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of mistreatment in the family environment and violation of the restraining order, after verifying that a prohibition on approaching and communicating with the victim was in effect. .

During the transfer to the police station, the detainee told the police: “If you take longer to arrive, I will kill her,” as well as “If my daughter is not with me, she will not be with anyone”.

The arrested man, with numerous police records, has been brought to justice and his admission to prison has been ordered.

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