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Instagram begins to test its function of choosing feed and seeing only the content of the people you follow

It seems that Instagram has started the year with the purpose of giving you more control over the content you see. After announcing the arrival of the function at the beginning of last december, Meta’s social network has started testing the return to the chronological order feed with a new function where you can choose what type of content you want to see.

In some accounts this function has already started to arrive, although not in a generalized way. To give you an idea, some of us have only reached one of our Instagram accounts, and only when you enter Instagram from an operating system. I can only see it on iOS, and when I enter the same account on Android it is not there. Therefore, they are only the first steps to test this feature before launching it.

However, and although there is still time until the function reaches us all everywhere, this has helped us to see what kind of change Instagram is preparing. You will be able to choose between three different types of feed, one that is the classic as up to now, another where you will only see the content of the people you follow, and a third where you can configure which accounts are your favorites to see only the content of those few.

This is the Instagram feed selector

Instagram is testing a feature that lets you choose between three types of feed. You will open it by clicking on the Instagram logo at the top left in the event that your account is lucky enough to be in the testing group. When you press, you will see that you can choose between the Beginning, Following Y Favorites. The start feed is the same as always, you will see stories, reels and publications of the people you follow, but also other content recommended by the Instagram algorithm.


If you choose the feed of Following, You will only see the posts of the people you follow. Here, there will be no recommendations or stories section at the top anymore. Yes indeed, content is not yet listed in strict chronological order, so that still looks like it will have to wait.


And then there’s the feed from Favorites, in which You will only see the content of the accounts that you have marked as favorites. For that, in the feed selection menu you will also have the option to Manage bookmarks, in which you can select which accounts you want to be considered as such.

But as we say, this option is only reaching a few accounts and only on certain operating systems, as in my case iOS. The normal thing is that the show still takes a few days or weeks to arrive, and that there may still be changes to this testing process as Instagram fine-tunes this feature.

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What should be remembered is that Instagram has already promised the arrival of this function of choosing the type of content you want to see, and that it said that would arrive throughout 2022. Now, these tests that they are doing on one-off accounts seem to indicate that they will arrive relatively soon.

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