Sunday, July 3

Key Tiers for Amazon: Not Evolving Positively

Amazon always hires extra workers during the busy Christmas season, but this year a labor shortage has caused Amazon to lose revenue and the increased compensation will hurt the company’s fourth-quarter earnings, according to analysts.

If we look at its graph, according to independent analyst Ramón Bermejo, Amazon is not evolving positively in recent sessions. It would be necessary to watch if it is capable of describing a pattern of double – triple minimum and to have a first positive signal, it would be necessary that the sequence of descending highs that describes the value is broken and its exceeds the maximum of the last session of day 31, At 3,387.00, we have a $ 3,387.01.

The value describes a double bottom pattern and you have to wait for the market to hit the target at $ 3,969.00. “In the short term we are going to see that this sequence is broken and that we continue to rise.

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