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Pablo Fernández, the only candidate in the Podemos primaries for the regional elections




The Secretary General of Podemos in Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández, is the only candidate that has managed to gather the minimum number of people to appear for the primaries of the ‘purple’ formation to elect the leaders who will present themselves to the regional elections of the next February 13. He leads a proposal, which is joined by another 68 people, according to information published by the party and consulted by Ical.

In addition to the candidacy of Pablo Fernández, attorney in the last two legislatures in the Cortes, a ‘white list’ of seven people: María José Llamas Moro, Mario Nieto Fernández, Daniel Mendoza Maderuelo, Miguel Ángel Andrés Llamas, Ernesto Muerza Arribas, Jonathan Racionero Martín and Rafael Remesal Serrano.

Telematic voting, after the deadline for submitting candidatures, will take place on days 5 and 6 January, since the results will be published on January 7. In these regional elections, Podemos and Izquierda Unida are presented together under the United Podemos brand, so that the purple formation heads the lists of Valladolid, León, Salamanca, Soria and Zamora, and IU, those of Burgos, Ávila, Palencia and Segovia. Alianza Verde will join the coalition.

In his candidacy, Pablo Fernández, national spokesman, has explained that his motivation is the same that led him in his day to take the step of joining Podemos, «the desire to change this country and this Community, the desire to improve the quality of life of the people, of the social majority, especially the most needy, the desire to transform Castilla y León socially and politically, to make people always come first ”.

In his argumentation, he explains that he wants “to return the thousands of people that the neoliberal policies of the PP have expelled from this Community”. «That we manage to end the job insecurity to which the PP condemns us. May we be able to eliminate the terrible inequality to which the Mañueco government has led us. That between all of us we eradicate the wage and labor gap suffered by women in Castilla y León, that equality is truly real ».

He adds that he seeks to promote a rural environment, reverse depopulation, reindustrialize Castilla y León in a green and sustainable waye, betting on science, research, innovation and development; empower SMEs and the self-employed and that the elderly can have decent pensions, that diversity in all areas is a value, as well as ending corruption. «My motivation is that united, between all and all, we win to the PP and let’s build a fairer, more dignified and better Community ”, he concluded.

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