Tuesday, July 5

Samsung Gaming Hub is Samsung’s platform to play Stadia, GeForce Now and Utomik on its new TVs

Samsung bets on the game in the cloud in its new televisions presented in the context of CES, and it does so with a new service called Samsung Gaming Hub. It is about of the star service of its new televisions high-end smart phones, and is powered by the Tizen operating system.

To launch this service within its televisions, the Korean brand has partnered with the main video game streaming services that currently exist: Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and Utomik, although they leave the door open for more to come in the future. The idea is that you can connect to your accounts in these services and play from the television without needing anything else.

A meeting point for video game streaming

This service will be available in almost all Samsung Smart TV models of this 2022 according to the manufacturer. It will take globally throughout the year, and will arrive in Spain in the third quarter. What it will offer will be a meeting point, a platform where you will be able to find streaming games from these services, and be able to access them directly from the main TV menu.

Samsung has revealed during its presentation of the service that we can instantly play our favorite games, as well as discover others with indexes of the most popular. In addition, although the launch “only” will have NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Stadia and Utomik, they plan to incorporate new companies and services. You will also have direct access to channels of popular video game streamers on YouTube.

Samsung also ensures that the hardware of your TV will be able to offer you “a performance similar to that of a console”, only without having to download games. However, there is still no specific information or technical details of the service, so we do not yet know what resolutions, FPS or video or sound technologies it will be able to offer.

Once this Hub arrives, all you will have to do to access it is go to the main navigation menu in the Game, Audiovisual and Lifestyle categories within the interface of your Smart TV. Here, you just have to click on the option Play, and then you will go directly to the Samsung Gaming Hub home screen.


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