Friday, July 1

Stock market for Monday, January 3, 2022

  • The Ibex 35 rises 0.54%, to 8,761.2 points

Day of uploads to start the year. After the initial fear that the appearance of omicron caused a few weeks ago, it seems to have settled among investors the feeling that the fact that the new variant of the coronavirus is having less serious effects may mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic. The proof is that the values ​​linked to tourism have been the ones that have increased the most in the session: IAG (5.49%), Meliá (3.97%), Aena (2.45%) and Amadeus (2.35% ). On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies, which have become a safe haven in the last almost two years, have suffered the biggest drops: Rovi (2.85%), PharmaMar (2.17%), Almirall (2.48 %) and Grifols (0.8%). There has been little effect on Evergrande delisting from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for unspecified reasons. The Ibex 35 has rebounded 0.54%, to 8,761.2 points. However, after revaluing by 7.93% last year (compared to increases of around 20% in the main European selective), it is still around 13% below the levels registered before the arrival of the disease in March 2020. The evolution of inflation and the pandemic will determine if it manages to regain ground lost during the next 12 months.

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