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Telefónica in 2022: despite the doubts with a route and up to 66% potential

Telefonica just closed your voluntary leave plan that will cost you between 1.6 and 1.7 billion euros and to which up to 2,983 people can join and for which the company expects to achieve annual savings of 230 million euros from 2023. Competitiveness prevails, especially by low cost operators and it is one more step in their belt-tightening, which leads you to divestments in large assets, to correct debt.

All this after a favorable year on the stock market, in which in the end, despite the advances in December and the best revaluation in recent years, leaving behind the minimums of September 2020 of the last 25 years, it has known less , after the highs of the summer. The value could not reach 4 euros per share, the first elevation on the ground, although the Bloomberg consensus, with some really negative advice on value like Jefferies and JPMorgan, it reaches an average of 4.53 euros in its target price.

Telefónica annual share price

But despite the division of analysts, the latest recommendations on the value clearly exceed that OP.Stand out the 6.4 euros target price with purchase recommendation that grants Deutsche Bank, with a market potential of 66%. JB Capital Markets is also betting on buying shares in the telecommunications operator with a PO of 5.9 euros per share.While Renta 4, advises to overweight the value with a target price of 5.1 euros per share.

Kepler Cheuvreux advises maintaining portfolio value, with little path for their actions, with a target price of 4 euros per share of Telefónica.The last to pronounce itself, on December 29, is Santander, which grants the company chaired by José María Álvarez Pallete a PO of 5.4 euros per share and is committed to buying its shares on the market.

For José Antonio González, technical analyst of Investment Strategies in the case of Telefónica “the price turns down from the resistance area that it is projected from 4,162 / 4,1015 euros per share, a turn that jeopardizes the viability of its medium and long-term mobile means, whose drilling, it would enable attacking the area of ​​3.4615 / 3.3415 euros per share, secondary or medium-term support zone ”.

Telefónica on daily chart with amplitude range in half a percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Telefónica technical analysis of the value

The technical indicators prepared by Investment Strategies place Telefónica in a bearish mode and with just a half-point improvement, with a total score of 1.5.Among the positive highlights the volume of business in the medium term that is increasing for the value and the range of amplitude in the medium term that is decreasing.

On the other side highlights the downtrend in the medium and long term, also the total moment of the value, fast and slow that is negative, the long-term business volume that is decreasing and add the volatility of the value, measured in its range of amplitude, which is increasing in the long term.

For the independent analyst Antonio Espín, Telefónica “goes up with difficulty, it costs it, it does not have its own behavior, of a value that invites us to think that it has a sustained trend, and there are horrible saw teeth in its graph. Hold with stop at 3.68.The key is to exceed the 4.10 or 4.20 area.It seems that the value is turning around and that the bottom trend is bullish, but when it seems that it is escaping, it eventually collapses ”.

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