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The 5 most profitable Dow Jones stocks in 2021

This values ​​(Home Depot, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs Gr, Unitedhealth Gro Y Cisco Systems), have one point in common: they are the Top 5 Dow Jones Stocks of 2021. Thanks to a broader rebound despite the vicissitudes that we have experienced these 365 days in the market, according to Bill Peters en Investors.

The big winner

Home Depot has uploaded a 54,7% year-to-date through Dec. 28, the biggest winner on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Shares rose by 1.1% to $ 410.84 on Wednesday.

The home improvement retailer has a 96 composite rating, the strongest of the top five Dow Jones stocks this year. The rating of BPA of the shares is 87.

The firm has benefited from great boom of pandemic interiors, after more people accepted home renovation projects.

“I know that, for me, my list of things to do in my house is endless,” said the CFO Richard McPhail, at a conference this month. “And the imagination that our clients have, the fact that they lean towards projects … we see it not only on the consumer demand side, but also on the Pro side of demand.”

“This tells us that there is a great underlying demand to increase your standard of living by improving your home,” continued McPhail.

Home Depot has had to deal with higher wood costs, after demand from a tight housing market collided with limited capacity at sawmills. But CFRA analyst Kenneth LeonIn an investigative note this month, it said Home Depot “has run into sourcing lumber and construction products.”

The Ei indicators are practically bullish.

Value with a future in the cloud

Microsoft has uploaded a 53,7% in so far this year. Of those stocks, it has the second highest composite rating, with 93. Your BPA rating is 93.

Shares of the software giant rose 0.2% to $ 341.95 in the stock market. They have a flat base with a purchase point of 349.77, but they are already actionable.

Microsoft has benefited from its transition to cloud computing. That business has seen increased demand as remote working endures through the pandemic and digital adoption accelerates. More recently, the company has also featured its digital offerings as an ointment for rising prices.

“Digital technology is a deflationary force in an inflationary economy,” said the CEO, Satya Nadella, in October. “Businesses, large and small, can improve the productivity and affordability of their products and services by increasing technology intensity.”

Ei’s indicators are also highly positive for the firm.

Thanks to government financial support

Goldman Sachs has uploaded a 46,4% in so far this year. Shares of the bank, still known for its large trading desk, fell a 0.4% at $ 386.20 on Wednesday. The shares were on a flat basis with a 426.26 purchase point Dollars.

Shares of Goldman Sachs and other banking stocks were boosted this year by the financial support from Washington, a constant flow of negotiations and volatility in the markets, and raw materials that kept clients engaged.

The bank’s shares have a composite score of 87, at the weaker end of the Dow Jones stocks mentioned here. Your rating of EPS is 93. The stock is slightly below last month’s all-time highs.

Here the scenario of the Ei indicators that are mostly bearish changes.

Insurance and health care after the pandemic

UnitedHealth has uploaded a 44,2% in so far this year. The health insurer raised a 0,5% a 505,58Dollars Wednesday, a new high.

Stocks have a composite score of 88, the lowest of the Dow Jones stocks mentioned here. Your rating EPS is 81.

The firm said last month that it expected the impact of the pandemic to be milder than in 2021. However, it gave an initial outlook of earnings per share for 2022 from $ 21.10 to $ 21.60. That was below estimates.

Last month, the company also told Reuters that it was too early to assess the impact of the Omicron variant in that perspective. The pandemic has caused an increase in insurance claims and expenses for things like testing.

In October it reported growth in its UnitedHealthcare managed care division and its Optum health services division, as well as in Medicare Advantage clients and Medicaid members. At the time, the company also raised its earnings per share forecast for 2021.

Earnings earlier this year also took a hit as more people sought medical care after postponing it during the close of last year.

With this signature, the Ei indicators return to bullish terrain.

Evolution of the business model

Cisco has uploaded a 42,1% in so far this year. The stock, which rose a 0.6% to $ 63.96 on Wednesday, it spread from a double-decker base.

The shares of the computer network giant have a composite score of 90. Your rating of EPS is 64.

The company, known for manufacture routers and switches for communications networks, you are trying to get more subscription-based software sales and develop hybrid networks for customers using both data centers and cloud computing.

Ei indicators are also showing higher for the firm.

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