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The creators of this gas truck say that it is capable of recharging 48 electric cars every day: this is how it works

Draining the fuel tank in a gasoline or diesel vehicle is not the best idea but, with the number of service stations available, there are many who make calculations and do not hesitate to do a few more kilometers before the corresponding stop. With an electric car, however, the risk is much higher, since the plugs are scarce and the solutions to an empty battery on the road are negligible.

To try to avoid this problem, a Russian start-up called L-Charge has introduced a gas or hydrogen powered truck that can power up to 48 electric cars daily. In recent years we have seen diesel vans with portable batteries or vehicles that needed the help of combustion generator sets to be able to start, ruining all the emissions that the electric car had saved into the atmosphere. This truck becomes a less polluting rescue service.

Why does an electric car have less autonomy than advertised

48 cars a day and 80% charged in less than 10 minutes

The advantage of this vehicle is that it can move by consuming natural gas or hydrogen and it uses these energies to generate electricity and support more than 40 electric cars every day. According to the company’s own data, they can recharge 80 percent of the battery in five to seven minutes and just 20 minutes for a full charge of it.

Until now, known solutions required the use of a diesel engine to generate enough electricity. The hydrogenHowever, it does not expel CO2 into the atmosphere and is considered one of the energies with the most future. Natural gas, for its part, is also cleaner than diesel. In fact, there is a strong debate behind the decision of the European Union to define natural gas as “green energy”. Regardless, the data indicates that natural gas emits up to three times less CO2 into the atmosphere than diesel.

The company, which has been seen by Barcelona or Madrid, assures that they are sued up to six units each day, despite the fact that at the moment it only operates in Moscow and the price of its kWh is double that of the competition. Yes indeed, on your website They advertise lower prices if the service is reserved in advance, so it can also be interesting if the driver calculates that he will need a small electrical impulse in a few hours and does not want to travel to a socket. It is, in short, a true mobile charging station.

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