Thursday, September 29

The five best values ​​of the Continuum for trading on the stock market today

The new year has just started, the truth is that the volatility derived from factors such as omicron and inflation continues to condition the market. At this point, many investors choose to trade (very short-term operations) to operate on the stock market, a strategy suitable only for investors with experience and tolerance for risk.

If we take into account the data provided by our trading machine (a tool that provides us with the most conducive values ​​to operate on the stock market in the short term, both bullish and bearish, on the day), there are five companies on the Continuous Market with the best total moment in this first trading day of 2022, that is, are the best values to go short-term today.

They are Faes Farma, Grupo San Jose, Realia, Clinica Baviera and eDreams ODIGEO.

If we look at the top of the table, the Continuous Market trio formed by Faes Farma, Grupo San Jose and Realia, has a very positive total momentum, a parameter that is accompanied by a very high total volume. However, overbought is slightly high, as is volatility (which is rising slightly).

Precisely today, Faes Farma distributes an interim dividend for 2021 of 0.171 euros gross per share. The holders of 85.38% of Faes Farma shares have opted for the new shares of the company within the framework of the new flexible dividend, as reported by the company on Monday to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

For its part, the Continuo duo that stands out as another option for trading on the stock market today is the one formed by Clínica Baviera and eDreams ODIGEO. The two companies also stood out for their total momentum and high total volume, but, unlike the previous ones, they have an extremely high overbought. In its favor, it should be noted that volatility (variation range) is somewhat lower.

What is the trading machine?

The Trading Machine is a tool designed for investors operating in the short term. In it we see which values ​​are the most conducive to trading on the stock market in the short term, both bullish and bearish.

Currently it analyzes all the values ​​of the Continuous Market with intraday update (data with delay 15 minutes) and orders the values ​​according to their trading ranges both up and down, so that investors know the strongest and weakest values ​​of the moment to develop short-term strategies.

To learn more about the new Trading Machine you can access its presentation, as well as the own tool whose update is permanent.

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