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The judge traces a million euros that moved the new owners of two Alcoa factories

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 3 of the National Court, María Tardón, tracks the money movements of the companies that bought the multinational Alcoa two aluminum factories, one in Avilés (Asturias) and another in A Coruña (Galicia), to determine the destination of 1,150,000 euros transferred to an account of the financial institution Sparkasse Schwyz, based in Switzerland, according to the documentation collected by El Periódico de España.

This wording has had access to a brief presented on December 15 by the legal representation of Alcoa Inespal, which as a legal person was the subject of the complaint that started the procedure in the National Court, in which the North American multinational communicates to the instructor who does not have information about this transfer. Specific, the payment was made by the firm Alu Holding AC Spain in favor of an account owned by the company Blue Motion Technologies AG, an instrumental company with which the Swiss Parter Group acquired the factories in Galicia and Asturias.

In this way Alcoa responds to the request made María Tardón by means of an order of December 13, 2021 In which he requested that a document be provided that contains an alleged agreement dated July 27, 2019 by virtue of which the money was moved to Switzerland.

They were not Alcoa companies

The multinational explains to the magistrate that the transfer that it is now tracking was made by two companies belonging to the Parter Group, which were never owned by Alcoa, and about whose accounts it also had no knowledge: “None of those accounts was within the scope of the Agreement on transition services (TSA). Coupled with this, We do not know what the ‘agreement of July 27, 2019’ may refer to, which, of course, has not been signed by Alcoa Inespal”, Concludes the writing.

Tardón has already ordered the directors of Grupo Industrial Riesgo who are accused in the ‘Alcoa case’ to restore “the amounts withdrawn for a total amount of 13,000,000 euros originating in the credit policies signed by the companies that own the production plants “, as recorded in a car of September 28. In the resolution the magistrate specified that the” only destination “that this money should have was”guarantee the existence of funds to finance the working capital operations of the plant activity “.

In her search for these funds, the investigator has run into the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office, which has not wanted to collaborate with the National Court to Finding Missing Money in Alcoa’s Resale Process in April 2020, as La Información advanced.

Sale of two factories

The so-called ‘Alcoa case’ began as a result of the Confederation of Professional Staff (CCP) filing a complaint in the National Court after the multinational Alcoa Inespal SL sell two factories for a dollar which had in Asturias and Galicia the Swiss investment fund Parter Group, which a few months later transferred 75% of the shares of the acquired firm to Grupo Industrial Riesgo for 13 million euros.

However, the funds used by the latter company to buy the Avilés and A Coruña plants, which are now two companies called Alu Ibérica AVL and Alu Ibérica LC, were provided by the aluminum production centers themselves, then held by the investment fund of the Helvetic Confederation.

They bought cryptocurrencies

The agents of the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the Police who are investigating an alleged fraud in the sale of two Alcoa Inespal SL factories (now Alu Ibérica AVL and Alu Ibérica LC) consider that the new owners of both centers of aluminum production used intervening companies to buy cryptocurrencies and withdraw capital and assets, according to a report on July 19.

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Alcoa Inespal SLU defends that the sale process of the Avilés and A Coruña plants “was promoted, supervised and endorsed at all times by the Ministry of Industry and had the support of the Autonomous Communities of Asturias and Galicia and the representatives of the workers “. “The fact that Parter sold the majority of its shares in Avilés and La Coruña to GIR,” continues a spokeswoman for the multinational, “was a breach of contract, so Alcoa has sued Parter for not fulfilling the contract“.

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