Saturday, October 1

The UOC suffers from ransomware that affects its virtual campus: this is the latest cyberattack to hit a Spanish university

In October it was the turn of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Now, to the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), an institution that — like the UNED — offers a teaching system based on online classes and resources. Those responsible for the Catalan institution warned yesterday of having suffered a ransomware-type attack that prevents access to your virtual campus.

Through its Twitter account, the center has clarified that the incident does not affect personal data of its bases and offers “flexibility” to students with pending submissions.

An attack in a sensitive period

Although the UOC I was confident on Sunday that the cyberattack would be solved in a matter of hours, your website continues to report of the incidence. In a tweet last night, he specified that access to the campus is now “available and safe”, but acknowledged that the problem had not been solved one hundred percent: “There are some spaces that are in the process of recovery ”.

Yesterday afternoon The vanguard assured that the UOC had received a ransom note from the attackers, although the center ruled out answering or contact them.

The computer attack coincides with the last weeks of the semester and the dates of delivery of tests and works, a particularly sensitive period for students. A good part of the queries that the UOC has received in the last few hours on its Twitter account are in fact related to the delivery of PECs, the continuous assessment tests, key in the online university training system. Yesterday the center guaranteed “flexibility”.

The UOC is not the first to suffer a similar incidence. Just a few months ago, in October, the UAB suffered a serious attack that shut down nearly 1,200 servers, 10,000 computers and affected more than 50,000 users. Resolving the issue took weeks on that occasion. In Catalonia, The Generalitat The Damm beer company they have also suffered recent attacks.

In addition to the Oberta and the UAB, other universities have suffered cyberattacks in the last times. In May 2020, for example, the University of Cádiz suffered a case of ransomware Y the centers of Castilla-La Mancha and Córdoba they have also recognized cybersecurity incidents.

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