Tuesday, July 5

Tier 1 begins the year at all-time highs and with rises above 12%

A new year begins and with it, new objectives, at least for Tier 1 after achieving one of its most immediate objectives, to go on listing on the BME Growth market. After which, investors are showing their support for the technology company that is already reaching its all-time highs.

On this first day of the Spanish stock market in 2022, Tier 1 leads the rises in the small securities market with rises above 12%, a figure that would make it mark new historical highs to close the day today at 3,600 euros per share in which its value currently moves.

Likewise, last Wednesday, December 22, Tier 1 shares began to be traded in the general contracting modality, after the corporate Director of Tier1, Eduardo Fuentesal, declared for Investment Strategies, that they were in constant dialogue with To take this step, BME “would like to know when we are going to go public because we have done practically everything in our power to start doing it.”

Thus, Eduardo Fuentesal, recalls his departure to the market of BME Growth, “when Tier1 came out in 2018, the objective was to make us known, to have a market valuation, to have the possibility that this would help us to do M&A with other companies, etc. . and from about a year ago, is when we began to take the leap so that that value that had been practically flat for two years, began to take a bit of a career. “


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