Thursday, September 29

Win this practical professional vacuum sealer

Vacuum packaging is a preservation method consisting of introducing a product into a bag, to which a specific pressure is applied, extracting all the air from inside. This we allows to maintain chemical properties and organoleptic qualities of food. Vacuum packaging also helps the flavors to be more intense, some even resemble this method to the papillote technique.

Both raw and cooked foods can be packed, but always cold. It is very important to note that vacuum packaging needs to be complemented by other preservation methods, such as refrigeration or freezing. If done right, the shelf life of food with this system will be

multiply. Do not miss the opportunity to win this Laica VT3120 professional double seal packaging machine in our exclusive contest for readers ABC Premium:

The contest will be active from January 3 to 31, 2022. The prize draw will take place from February 1 and the winner will be published on this page once they have confirmed the acceptance of the prize. Thanks for participating!

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