Friday, July 1

After a little over a year of its launch, Lonvia Capital exceeds 300 million AuM

The management philosophy on which Lonvia Capital is based aims to seek companies that are capable of increasing their turnover, their results and their cash flow generation through a positioning in growing markets and relevant development strategies in regarding products, customers and geography. Companies that operate in a virtuous cycle of growth and use the successes derived from their correct positioning to constantly invest in their future growth. They are, in the opinion of Lonvia experts, companies that will be the great players of tomorrow.

Well, with this philosophy and selection process for small and medium-capitalization companies led by Cyrille Carrière since 2008, it is applied to all Lonvia strategies, after just over a year since its launch, they have managed to exceed 300 million assets under management, exactly 320 million at the end of 2021.

Of this amount, the almost 250 million euros belonging to the Lonvia Avenir Mid-Cap Europe fund stand out, a result of both its excellent performance and the trust of institutional investors, family offices, private banks, independent financial advisers and funds of funds.

The three strategies that they manage and market today are:

  • LONVIA Avenir Mid-Cap Europe (€ 241M): Small and medium-sized European companies. Performance YTD *: + 40.2% vs + 22.6% of the benchmark – SRRI 6/7
  • LONVIA Avenir Mid-Cap Euro (€ 32M): Small and medium-sized companies in the Euro zone. Performance YTD *: + 39.0% vs + 18.9% of the benchmark – SRRI 6/7 and
  • LONVIA Avenir Small Cap Europe (€ 47M): Small European companies. Performance YTD *: + 38.9% vs + 25.7% of the benchmark – SRRI 6/7

* Institutional classes – returns as of December 31, 2021.

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