Sunday, July 3

Ambigu austericide



The Minister of Defense landed yesterday at the Gran Canaria base in Gando to thank the work of the Ala 46 personnel during the La Palma eruption, almost ninety days under the volcano in which the pilots came to have the gesture, for Todos los Santos, of throwing petals on the Las Manchas cemetery, a cemetery of doubly buried remains. Margarita Robles praises the dedication and recognizes the sacrifice of some men who, due to their visibility in the last quarter, represent the values ​​of our Armed Forces before public opinion. However, the airborne and gratifying round of the Defense holder cannot be left there, the next stage of which should take her to the base of Ala 48, in the

that the helicopters taken by Pedro Sánchez are integrated, such as the one that stops a taxi and those that the minister, who one day said that she only drinks water, and from the tap, has cut the catering service by 5,000 euros, which to change and With inflation at 6.7 percent, that’s the 6,000 pesetas of whiskey that Cañita Brava asked Torrente for in 1998. After the cut, austericide in the slang of progress, the flight personnel of Ala 48 barely have 15,000 euros left for the cupbearer supplies for high-flying sanchismo. From this we came out stronger, and less drunk. The spirit of sacrifice of the Air Force -‘per aspera ad astra’- goes from the cockpit to the ambiguous.

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