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Axie Infinity season 19 draws to a close with high expectations for the next one

Season 19 of Axie Infinity will end this January 4, 2022 at 5:00 AM, Venezuela time (UTC -4). After its completion, players and other members of this community wait for the news that Season 20 could bring.

The most competitive players have a few hours to reach the most cups or MMR (as this scoring system is also known) in Arena mode, in order to climb the world rankings.

The 1,000 highest-scoring accounts receive an award in AXS at the end of each season. Total, the jackpot to be shared among the best Axie Infinity players is 3,000 AXS, which is equivalent to about USD 298,000, according to the current price of this cryptocurrency in the market.

Axie Infinity award table for the players with the best scores in season 19. Source: Axie Infinity.

Although the end of season 19 is announced in a few hours, it is expected that the start of season 20 will not be immediate. Based on what has been seen in previous seasons of the game, each one usually lasts about a month. Then comes an off-season period that tends to last 4 to 8 weeks, before starting the next. Therefore, Season 20 should start in early February or March, later than.

In this break of the season, you can still play and get rewards in SLP. Only the world ranking no longer counts for the award on AXS. It is also expected that at the beginning of season 20, each player’s accounts will be reset again, so that everyone starts at 1,200 cups and makes their way to the top of the leaderboard.

Hackers sparked Axie Infinity season 19 extension

The current season should have ended a couple of weeks ago, on December 21, 2021. However, due to some irregularities that were experienced in the game, the end of the season was postponed until this January 4.


In mid-December, the developers of Axie Infinity discovered that there were players taking advantage of fraudulent way through hacks that allowed them to see the cards of their opponents. This strategy allows the player to attack and defend with greater ease and efficiency, which greatly increases the chances of winning games.

In view of this situation, Axie’s team decided to extend season 19 for a few more weeks, in order to give the opportunity to recover cups and climb positions in the ranking to those affected by the hackers.

Another matter related to dishonest actions by Axie Infinity players was revealed recently. It’s all about winning trade or win-trading, that consists of a player reaching a deal with another to let him win. Although it is impossible to choose the opponent in the Arena mode of the game, it is possible that two users who know each other will coincide.

A scenario like the one described above is more viable among players with a high MMR, since the matchmaking mechanism has a hard time getting contenders of a similar level and the probability of meeting an acquaintance is higher.

In the most recent entry of the blog from Axie Infinity, dated January 1, 2022, explain that since December 28 they received reports of win trading situations. One in particular was that of a streamer known as Taxton who received at least 3 victories from his colleagues under this condition. Its purpose was to reach the first place in the world ranking.

The Axie Infinity team received evidence that Taxton pressured his acquaintances through manipulation of his viewers and through private messages to let him win in the opportunities they faced, to the point of verbal aggression if the other person was opposed.

Behaviors such as those demonstrated by the streamer are described as “unacceptable” by Axie Infinity and both he and two of the teammates who gave him victories were penalized by forgoing rewards earned in Season 19. Additionally, the axie kit Taxton used in his broadcast was disabled for a year.

Expectations for the next season of Axie Infinity

On their YouTube channel and on their official social networks, the Axie Infinity team published a video on December 31 in which they gave a taste of what is coming for this game in 2022.

There are several game modes that the Axie Infinity development team has been introducing little by little and that could be released this year. Source: Axie Infinity.

The video is a small trailer showing a kind of new gameplay dynamics that, although it was expected, it also excites users. It is about Land, where the axies would interact with their place of origin, Lunacia. In fact, a similar kinematics had already been published some time ago, but in 2D. On this occasion the graphics were rendered in three dimensions and the image quality improved significantly.

In an article published by CriptoNoticias recently, this game modality is mentioned along with others such as Battle v2, which is also expected to reach users in the course of 2022.

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