Tuesday, July 5

Banco Santander, how far can it go up? This says the graph

Banco Santander is the bank that rises the most today within the Ibex 35, recovering at this time more than 2% at 3.0200 euros. From a technical point of view, “we continue to hope that the price advances towards the level 3.0555 euros“explains analyst Ramón Bermejo, since it is the closing price of November 25, the day before the confirmation of the appearance of omicron that triggered the falls in the stock markets.

At the close of the session on Monday, January 3, the graph described a figure of dogi that validated and has exceeded 2.9835 euros. The analyst expects recoveries in today’s session and new highs in tomorrow’s session. The next important resistance level is at 3.1875 euros.


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