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Nobody is giving back the Order of the Garter because Elizabeth II has awarded it to Tony Blair. He has been prime minister, there is a lot of merit and tradition with that. As bad as the Iraq war (okay, there are dead and maimed), it looks like the Brexit that Cameron caused with his goofy Oxford lordship. Let’s see if when the jam of concessions to prime ministers is lightened and they give him the Garter the same ayayays will take place. Nor is it that bringing the Queen of Balmoral back to Buckingham when the mass hysteria broke out over the death of Diana of Wales seems very rewarding. But the British monarch has not been taken into account.

On April Fools’ day a lot of shout was raised in heaven (not assaulted) by the Grand Cross of the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Carlos III to Pablo Iglesias. Well, he has been Vice President of the Government. That Pablo Iglesias has been vice president of the Government is worse than the awarding of the decoration. It is also worse to have to read in the BOE the words of the King: “Wanting to give a sample of My Royal appreciation to Mr. Pablo Iglesias Turrión, at the proposal of the President of the Government …”. Your Royal Appreciation, sir. Poor.

Let’s protest everything. Green begins in the Pyrenees. The European Commission considers nuclear energy and gas green, but our ministers jump to say science and I don’t know what. Germany also thinks it’s bad. To France, good. The terrible thing is that this European thing is called a “sustainable finance taxonomy.” Heavens. Both are considered green despite the emissions generated by gas and the management of nuclear waste, which would be the reasons for the scandal of detractors. Detractors, I no longer come to the AVE it occurs to me to say to Ribera and Yolanda Díaz, the minister of strange prestige. Díaz: “Europe still has the opportunity to reconsider this decision to avoid moving away from scientific evidence and social demand.” Let’s see, perhaps social demand is also what has forced the Government to park the rise in diesel and the air transport tax. Being green is very expensive. For rich. And science, in the case of Díaz, it will be the same as those who do not want to be vaccinated because we are all going to die. And on top of that, throw yourself into Ribera’s explanations. Considering nuclear energy and gas green “does not provide the necessary clarity to focus capital flows towards the decarbonized, resilient and sustainable economy envisaged in the European Green Deal.” Decarbonized and resilient I get underlined in red when I write this. The strange thing is that it is not sustainable as well. Words of the devil. Which are also very expensive. Díaz and Ribera, with the green of Europe, believe José Tomás returning all stuffed with bullfighting the Fine Arts medal when they gave it to Fran Rivera.

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