Thursday, October 6

Endurance Motive: “The objective is to go from fixing to continuous auction, which will give the action much more liquidity”

Endurance Motive went public last July to begin trading on the BME Growth market. Why did you decide to take the leap?

The electromobility sector is one of the sectors with the greatest growth potential at the moment. For this reason, at Endurance Motive, we decided to take the leap, we wanted to provide the company with the necessary tools to accompany this growth. On the one hand, access to the financing necessary to grow through tools that, thanks to being listed, are accessible and agile. And on the other and perhaps more important, the notoriety that is achieved by being in BME Growth, which results in sales and new projects.

How is the experience of being a listed company being? What goals do they have now that they are inside?

The experience is being good, since the action is accompanying and that is because our partners and the market understand the potential of this company. The immediate objectives are to go from fixing to continuous auction, which will give the action much more liquidity. Then, you will have to go step by step. The important thing is to make the company grow in revenue and profits, everything else will come with it.

We are finishing the year and we have to look back. What balance do you make of 2021 and what do you expect for the new year?

It has been a difficult year in sales due to the general situation after the pandemic. We have been able to achieve growth only in the Spanish market, since due to the pandemic we have had to slow down international output. However, the balance is very positive, we have taken the company public, we have started entering international markets, we have sold the first batteries for the naval sector. At the organizational level, we have implemented the ERP SAP Business One, which will give us consistency in management, we have certified in ISO9001. That is, all the machinery is ready to present ourselves to 2022 and meet the objectives we have: continue to grow in Spain, be in five more markets and settle in the naval sector.

Until now we have placed Endurance within the industrial world, but the new year will mark the entry into a new sector, the naval sector. What do you expect from this great project?

Shipbuilding electrification is a reality today and it urgently needs companies to tackle it. At Endurance we have all the conditions to be one of the benchmarks in this sector. We have already begun to deliver the first ad-hoc batteries for two classes of vessels and we are designing a paralilizable and mountable battery model prepared to meet the demands of any type of vessel, from the medinas to the largest with storage needs of the MWh . With this type of modular batteries, we expect to enter significant billing figures as early as the second half of 2022. The possibilities are enormous, not only due to the large number of vessels capable of receiving a battery, but also because of their potential size.

One of the main objectives of the company is to promote its expansion abroad. How are they acting in this line of growth?

As I mentioned, in the industrial sector we are going to be present in five markets in addition to the Spanish one. Germany, France, UK, Italy and Poland are the most immediate targets. In addition to this, we are beginning to study the entry into Mexico as it is a manufacturing pole of the American continent.

Once we have a great product and all the management systems and financing mechanisms in place, our obligation is to expand as many markets as possible.

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