Thursday, October 6

Grifols: Breaks up the short-term bearish channel

Grifols Afinds support on the lower side of the bearish lateral range indicated in blue, where prices start a rebound supported by the accumulated oversold of the MACD.

On December 17, the price violated the short-term bearish channel in green in a daily closing, we can estimate an upward objective towards levels of 18.61 euros per share.

The price is attacking the simple moving average of 40 medium-term periods, its exceeding would represent a sign of strength, since this would become a support zone in the future.

The value has started a short-term upward trend generating increasing minimums and maximums, the supports would be at 15.57 euros and 15.08 euros per share.

The resistance levels are located at 18.87 euros, 19.54 euros, 22.64 euros and 25.94 euros. It then has resistance in the area of ​​the long-term 200 simple moving average, the bearish lateral range in blue and the bearish guideline in fuchsia.

Grifols on daily chart with average width range (upper central window), MACD (lower central window) and trading volume (lower window)

Grifols on daily chart with medium and long-term analysis template.

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