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Iberdrola: 10 euros, dividend and declaration as accused by Sánchez Galán

Iberdrola is trying to compensate and recover after the lows harvested by the electricity company in the market since last October 1. On account of the price of electricity and drastic cuts in compensation the sector by the government then minimized that made it place up to 8.58 euros per share, it already goes back an important 21.5%.

So the value already sits comfortably above the psychological level of 10 euros per share which has not settled throughout the month of December until the last sessions of the year. Days that added to yesterday’s advance, place the rise of the utility in the Ibex during the last six sessions in a cumulative advance of 3.6% after gaining more than 7.7% in the last twenty days on the parquet.

A year to forget, in which defensive stocks, in the midst of the recovery, have not been favored, to which add the problems of the price of electricity, which, however, had already been subjected to the negative scrutiny of some analysts who already saw the company’s future plans discounted in their price.

Iberdrola annual price of the security

Even so, the recommendations have improved in the month of December in front of the initial expectations of impact in their results of the cuts in the public compensations. A) Yes Bank of America recommends buying the value with A target price of 13.1 euros per share, with which the potential it offers reaches 24%.

All this while waiting for your dividend, in cash or in shares as usual. Payment in which tomorrow the rights necessary to receive each new share will be known and the cash amount will be confirmed. To benefit from it, the last day to buy the shares will be this coming Friday, since on Monday they will be listed ex-dividend.

And to other news to come: the statement of its president, Ignacio Sánchez Galán as investigated on January 18 in a piece of the Tandem case that is being followed against former commissioner Villarejo.

According to the independent analyst, Antonio Espín, Iberdrola “I don’t like it. I believe that there may be some increases, perhaps in the short term and it is true that the electricity outside is fine and that may affect, but there is a descending moving average, there are decreasing highs … this is a bearish value. Right now, it is a bearish value. And I don’t see it clearly, but if you see it near 10.15 or 10.20, you have to go out, that would be a good price ”.

At Iberdrola, “the technical aspect improves by violating the upper side of the medium-term bearish channel at a daily close. It also manages to overcome the resistance area between 10,334 and 10,295 euros per share. The next resistance level would be at 10.87 euros. The first support zone is at the (1) 40-period moving average, (2) the upper side of the channel, where the price could throwback and subsequently, (3) the minimums of December 20 at 9,494 euros”, as indicated José Antonio González, technical analyst for Investment Strategies.

Iberdrola on daily chart with average amplitude range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Iberdrola technical analysis of the value

Ei’s premium indicators show us that Iberdrola is the worst value due to its technical aspect in the market. No points out of the 10 possible with everything negative: downtrend in the medium and long term, total negative slow and fast moment, decreasing business volume in both slopes and increasing volatility of Iberdrola in the medium and long term.

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