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Latest society news for today Tuesday, January 4



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can read all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Tuesday, January 4 in the world and in Spain:

A polar air mass will arrive in Spain before the Three Kings

After a high temperature episode which has left record values ​​for January on the first day of the year, this week there will be an abrupt change in weather that will bring winter back, as reported

Coronavirus: Spain registers more than a million infections in the last two weeks

Spain has notified more than a million new cases of coronavirus in the last two weeks. Specifically, the number of infections since last December 20 has increased by 1,132,280 cases and the total now stands at 6,667,511, after the 372,766 new cases notified this Monday by the Ministry of Health.

In just two weeks, more infections have been registered than during the entire month of December, because according to Health documents between December 1 and 30, the autonomous communities notified 1,122,025 new cases of coronavirus.

The Omicron variant already represents between 22 and 79 percent of infections

Ómicron, the latest version of SARS CoV-2, continues to gain ground. According to the data provided this Monday by the Ministry of Health, the variant discovered in South Africa already represents between 22 and 79.4 percent of cases in the fourteen autonomous communities in which random samples have been carried out using specific PCR.

Coronavirus: The asymptomatic of Ómicron double the official infections

Without creating a stir, on tiptoe but with a firm step, Ómicron, the most triumphant variant of the coronavirus, has spread this Christmas among us like an oil stain. The incessant trickle of infections, mostly asymptomatic, It has not given a break to the outpatient clinics, overwhelmed for days. To relieve these centers of pressure, the Generalitat announced yesterday that it will allow pharmacies to notify the positives resulting from the self-diagnosis tests.

Only unvaccinated students will have to quarantine for ten days

The unstoppable advance of the Ómicron variant will not prevent them from returning to class from next Monday, although the Government already expects an upturn in infections the first days when the children mix again in the classrooms. The Executive, the autonomous communities, the educational community and the rectors agree that the return It must be one hundred percent face-to-face. This will be confirmed this Tuesday during the course of the meeting that the Ministries of Health, Education and Universities will hold with the councilors of the communities in La Moncloa.

Coronavirus: What is hybrid immunity?

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in Spain, back in March 2020, more than 6.3 million citizens have passed the Covid-19. In addition, since last Christmas they began to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, 38.7 million Spaniards have already received at least one dose, and 10.5 million, until the reinforcement puncture.

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