Friday, July 1

May Zuckerberg forgive me



The future is not what it used to be, “wrote Arthur C. Clarke, and he did not live these two years of outburst of reality that have left any fiction naked. The one who imagined ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ did not predict the pandemic but he was tremendously accurate in some of the technologies that have become everyday such as electronic commerce or telecommuting. However, the world that predicted since 1968 looked much less like our 2021 than the metaverse that they now sell us as a new future. I have the impression that the future runs us over, that it overwhelms us faster than usual, and for apocalyptic minds it is the last sign that

We are entering that end of history that Fukuyama promulgated, although, unfortunately, it does not bring the extinction of dictatorships or wars. We lost the goal society to accommodate one of flying goals.

The metaverse as a future is shit, understand the outburst. Those metaverses where we are avatars who interact in virtual environments are just a half step further to this insipid and filtered present that social networks condemn. Attending a work meeting in your pajamas but being seen as the new Pixar hero or visiting the pyramids with 4D glasses but from your Zamarramala living room. As a long-awaited disruptive future it is a fiasco. It could even be considered a ‘déjà vu’. May Zuckerberg forgive me. But that the future is so close takes away all the excitement we felt when the monkey hit the bone on ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ or Marty McFly got on the flying scooter. Today there are many scooters, but they keep passing you on wheels.

It is true that the future is not what it used to be. Sometimes fortunately. In 2021, a record for the increase in sales of paper books was set. Yes, from that same paper that was dying when we learned what the flux capacitor was. We search in literature for something else to dream about since we are overwhelming the future. If not, look how many times the networks tell us that we have already reached the date set by the Delorean panel.

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