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Next Saturday at your kiosk, the ninth issue of etric, the electromobility supplement

  • This coming Saturday, January 8, comes the eighth number of etric, the monthly supplement of EL PERIÓDICO with all the news on electric mobility, service information, product and much more.

With each passing year, electrification claims more prominence in the automotive industry, which is moving decisively towards a future in which electric cars will dominate most of the world’s markets. The plug-in automotive offer is already very competitive, with benchmarks in almost all segments. It is not surprising that the final of the Car of the Year 2021 award features six 100% electric cars and one vehicle, the Peugeot 308, which will receive an electric version soon.

As in every issue of etric, EL PERIÓDICO’s electromobility supplement, we anticipate the future to offer the latest in electric and urban mobility. This month, the supplement arrives on January 8 with the new Nissan Ariya as a novelty, the first electric vehicle of the brand’s new era, an SUV with which the Japanese company launches a design concept and initiates a transformation plan under which 12 new cars will arrive in the coming months. The Ariya shares the limelight with him Hyundai Ioniq 5, chosen one ‘Readers’ Car of the Year‘ from Iberian Press, another SUV that shows the ambitions of the Hyundai-Kia group to become a benchmark in the electric mobility market.

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Furthermore, in the ninth issue of etric We advance the component that, according to the brands, will be the turning point for the general public to opt for electric cars: solid state batteries. At etric we reveal where their development is and when they should reach the market according to the world’s leading manufacturers. Regarding urban mobility, we present the proposal of Tier Mobility, a micromobility operator that will try to lead the market in Spain after its irruption in the national market with the purchase of the operator of bicycles and electric bicycles nextbike.

There will be no shortage of the latest developments in the two-wheel sector, as well as the striking invention of Lexus, the ROV, a model that redefines the concept of recreational cars combining luxury, fun and sustainability. All this and much more next Saturday, January 8, at your kiosk.

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