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PharmaMar recovers 7.2% from lows

PharmaMar keeps trying to keep the rate on the market and face the recently started 2022 with new eyes and investors. A value that has clearly worked in roller coaster mode throughout the past year, in which, since the highs for the year in February, it has lost a whopping 52%.

A value with numerous ups and downs, which regained ground in September, but which, from there and without the decided support of major developments regarding its compounds, beyond specific marketing agreements for some of its drugs that have served the value for Determined rebounds, has found no other way than the declines to culminate, in the first part of last December, with the annual lows.

Nonetheless, the value rises 7.2% from its lowest last year, after the falls of yesterday that have cut its recovery, with advances in the last month that touch 4%. Even so, it is a value that experts consider very weakened, which augurs a potential to take into account for this 2022, after finishing last year as the fourth worst value of the Ibex with a fall that exceeded 19% for the value

PharmaMar annual share price

And is that the average council of analysts places its target price at 88.61 euros per share what gives you, from current levels, a potential that touches 59%. Levels similar to those set by Bankinter, which remains neutral with the value after its last operation, the achievement of the license for its antitumor Zepzelca in Turkey, for the treatment of lung cancer and after having closed its commercialization in the United Arab Emirates, Canada , Australia and also Singapore. In this case, the target price granted by the entity is 89.20 euros per share.

For the fundamental analyst of Investment Strategies María Mira “In the case of PharmaMar, we slightly revise the lower estimate of results for the closing of 2021 and 2022. In a valuation by multiples of these new estimates, the market discounts a PER of 16.24v for 2021 and 12v for 2022, with ratio over sales of around 4.7v and multiple over Cash Flow of 18.4v / 15v in 2021 and 2022 respectively ”.

The fundamental Ei expert also highlights that “they are not comparatively low multiples compared to the Ibex 35 average, but PharmaMar’s business favors the price of high multiples. Not forgetting that it is not a company for conservative investors, the recommendation is positive for the long-term value ”.

For José Antonio González, technical analyst of Investment Strategies PharmaMar “consolidates under its simple moving average of 40 periods or medium term, as well as the support zone, now resistance, projected from 68.50 / 66.26 euros per share, in a weakened environment and without interest on the part of market participants. In this way, sales update bearish targets heading to the zone comprised around 48.64 euros per share. The first short-term support would be at 52.14 euros ”.

PharmaMar on daily chart with mean amplitude range in percentage, MACD oscillator and trading volume

PharmaMar technical analysis of the value

The premium indicators that make up Investment Strategies place PharmaMar as one of the Ibex stocks with the worst technical aspect. Only with 1 point of the 10 possible that the value can reach in its journey, with the volatility of the favorable value, measured in terms of its range of amplitude, decreasing for the value.

The rest, in negative, with a downward trend in both aspects, both in the medium and long term, total, slow and fast negative moment for PharmaMar and the business volume that is decreasing in the medium and also in the long term for the value.

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