Tuesday, July 5

Reality principle



All populisms tend to paint reality in the colors of their own prejudices. The resulting canvas is usually very beautiful but generally lacks the objective elements that define the chromatic complexity of the political landscape, in which perceptions and facts occupy different planes made up of amalgamated tones and hybrid hues. This gimmicky painting ends up causing public disenchantment when verifying that it is a false portrait, a trompe l’oeil destined to deceive the unwary with the illusory suggestion of a blurred panorama.

Something like this is happening to the Government of Spain, determined to draw the horizon of an ecological transition where renewable energies will work the miracle in no time.

of a clean society of polluting emissions. And lo and behold, suddenly France and Germany, the pilot nations of that trip, have rescheduled the terms of the journey and forced a moratorium on gas and nuclear energy, the strategic nature of which they intend to protect with environmental labels. They have realized that the speeding of the 2030 Agenda not only does not come for free but can cause a serious competitiveness gap vis-à-vis powers – such as China, Russia or even the United States – not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​’decarbonizing’ and interested in launching Europe ahead in a reconversion process fraught with difficulties and foreseeable serious social costs. The pragmatic slowdown of the French liberals and the German Social Democrats has left Sánchez’s enraged green speech with the cardboard in the air and for the moment has forced him to park a specific tax increase that he was going to load on the most vulnerable economic sectors.

Sanchismo has been displaced before the turn of the most powerful European partners. That does not stop there because Italians and Germans start the year with tax cut programs while our so-called progressivism insists on the reverse path. The Frankenstein left is running out of examples in which to reference its project. Something is wrong with their model when those neighbors to whom we want to resemble pay between 25 and 40 percent less for electricity and their tax burden is not much higher than ours, their average salaries being much higher. And despite this they are capable of realizing that sustainability has a price that increases – that is, it becomes unsustainable – the more their times are accelerated.

It happens that ideological flags and fashionable mantras can serve to cover up egalitarian failure for a while, but in the end it becomes clear that this pictorial color is a simulated artifice, a visual trick for candid spectators or those predisposed to be deluded with the appearance of the frame. But it is not painting like wanting nor does green come cheap.

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