Tuesday, July 5

Rovi: He is one of the big winners, you have to keep

The IBEX 35 starts today in the positive and there are few of its components in the red. One of them is Laboratorios Rovi. The pharmaceutical company leaves close to 1% at 71 euros per title.

According to Javier Alfayate, from GPM Sociedad de Valores, it is a value that is at historical highs and it usually happens that in securities that do especially well, a certain correction to take benefits is normal.

The analyst believes that it is necessary to maintain the value, as long as it remains above 62.60 euros, it is the level that it must not lose in order to maintain the upward trend in which it is.

“He is one of the big winners and you have to try to keep them”, because, as he points out, “if we make quick money, we are never going to keep the really good ones in our portfolio.”

Check the Rovi technical indicators by clicking here.


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