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Spaniards will spend 47% more in the sales of January this year

Spaniards will spend on average 339 euros in the sales of January this year, an increase of more than 47% compared to the 230 euros they spent last year, and an increase in spending compared to 2018, when it stood at 278, 3 euros, according to a study by the IO Research institute for Securitas Direct.

The item that again accounts for the most disbursement compared to 2021 is clothing and footwear, which goes from 82.5 euros on average to 110.5 euros, which represents an increase of 34%. They are followed by computer or electronic products (from 51.7 euros to 85 euros, and it becomes the item with the highest increase, 56%); household items and products (from € 32.8 to € 50.3, + 52%); Y perfumery, cosmetics and drugstore (from 28.5 euros to 40.4 euros).

The study also shows that the block of people who assure that they will buy less than other years has decreased exponentially: if in 2021 it rose to 62% of Spaniards, in 2022 it was reduced to 33%. Of this percentage, 21.7% will spend less for economic reasons, and 11.5% for seeking more responsible consumption.

On the contrary, more than half of those surveyed say they will buy the same as other years (58%), compared to 34.9% in 2020, and 8.5% say they will buy more than last year.

By sex, it is men who affirm that they will buy more or the same as other years, as well as the youngest, those with a medium or high monthly income at home and individuals who work. For their part, women will spend more on clothing and footwear and men on computers and electronics.

The January slope

The extra spending that Christmas entails has made 70% of Spaniards affirm that they will face the January slope taking more into account the offers or promotions when they do the family shopping (69%), followed by the reduction of leisure in general ( 58.8%), or try not to go out to lunch or dinner for the next few weeks (58%).

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To a lesser extent, other ways to face the January slope are to postpone new expenses for a while (43.8%), meet less with friends or family (40.7%) and return gifts (13.3%) .

The percentages with respect to the measures taken by Spaniards to face the January slope remain the same with respect to 2018.


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