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TCL NXTWear Air and XR Glasses Concept: micro OLED and interchangeable lenses for a new generation of connected glasses much more attractive

2022 will be the year of connected glasses (among other trends) and TCL has taken advantage of this CES to present its new models. These are the new TCL NXTWear Air and the XR Glasses Concept, its second generation of connected glasses and a mixed and augmented reality glasses project, very much in line with the emerging metaverse proposals that more and more manufacturers are embracing.

This is what TCL’s new connected glasses offer, which incorporate micro OLED display and a lighter design, with up to 30% less weight than the first generation and the option of interchangeable lenses to modify the appearance of the glasses as we are interested.

TCL NXTWear Air data sheet



Micro OLED

Dual 1080p, 16:9

60 Hz

47 ppp


171.4 x 162 x 50 mm

52 x 154 x 50 mm (Plegadas)


75 grams with standard lenses


Dual, compatible headphones


Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor


USB tipo C, DisplayPort


Custom SDK (3DOF)

As if we had a 140 “screen at four meters

The TCL NXTWear Air is a connected goggle that allow you to watch movies and content on them. The screens chosen are two micro OLEDs with 1080p resolution. Do not be confused here with MicroLED technology, although they are written similarly, in this case we are still facing a variant of OLED panels.

As TCL describes, the viewing experience of the glasses is equivalent to a viewing environment as if we were in front of a 140-inch screen at 4 meters away. This is a fairly extreme comparison, since the image is actually reproduced a few inches from our eyes.

The NXTWear Air has a resolution of 47 pixels per degree, which according to TCL is equivalent to what we have in a movie theater. Additionally, the glasses have dual speaker to reproduce stereo sound. In case you want a sound that cannot be heard by someone close, the glasses have a port to connect wired headphones, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to connect wireless headphones.

They weigh 75 grams with the default lens. TCL explains that they come with two interchangeable front lenses, to accommodate various styles. At the connectivity level, they come with USB Type C to connect with smartphones, tablets and laptops. At the same time they have Bluetooth and They can be connected to a Bluetooth controller to play games.

The use that TCL has in mind for its glasses is that of a second screen for an external device. As if it were a monitor, but in front of our eyes through the lenses. A more “mobile and private” format, as the company describes.

TCL Wearable Display: these stylish glasses with two micro-OLED screens promise us total immersion in our content

Pricing for the NXTWear Air has yet to be announced. It will be known during the celebration of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be available to buy during the first quarter of 2022.

XR Glasses Concept: augmented and mixed reality glasses

Xr Glasses

Much more ambitious are the TCL XR Glasses Concept, although at the moment they are no more than a concept. We know that large manufacturers are working on glasses that allow them to display all kinds of contextualized information and TCL has wanted to confirm that they are working on it.

The result is the XR Glasses Concept, glasses with a design similar to the NXTWear Air, but with many more functions incorporated, in addition to supporting touch gestures on the mount.

Estas XR Glasses Concept would add lenses with 4 nanometer MicroLED screens. In this case, it would be the same modular panel technology that we have seen in Samsung televisions.

Send Message Tcl

With the augmented and mixed reality glasses, functions such as the navigation, make video calls, receive notifications, receive alarms and many other possibilities that TCL shows us on video, but which for the moment is no more than a concept demonstration.


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