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Ten values ​​of the Ibex 35 with a potential of more than 25% for this 2022

The IBEX 35 starts 2022 with energy but with uncertainty and volatility as a flag. After 2021 in which the main selective of the Spanish stock market achieved a revaluation of 7.93%, the Spanish index faces this new stock market exercise at the level of 8,800, still looking from afar at the 10,000 points that it reached a few weeks after start of the pandemic in Spain in March 2020.

In any case, if we stick to the fundamental analysis, and specifically the consensus of the analysts that it compiles Reuters, The Ibex, and specifically certain values ​​of the group of 35, can give investors many joys in the medium term. In fact, experts who follow the day-to-day activities of the stock markets estimate that there are up to ten listed companies with which we could earn more than 25% over the next twelve months of this brand-new year.

10 shares with an upward journey of more than 25%

At the head of the selective by potential for this 2022, PharmaMar. The shares of this pharmaceutical and biotechnology company have ended the year 2021 among the group of the most bearish of the Ibex 35, with accumulated falls close to 20%. Despite everything, the valuation of analysts in the medium term continues to be higher, with a target price for PharmaMar shares of 88.61 euros, which represents a 56.5% potential.

Above 50% in potential for this year, another value of the Ibex 35, Grifols, which with a target price of 25.81 euros has an upward path for the next twelve months of 52.70%. All this after a 2021 to forget, in which their titles remained more than 29%.

The next Ibex 35 values ​​with the best potential for 2022, and above 30%, are IAG (39.70%), Acerinox (33.10%), Banco Santander (32.45%) and ACS (31, 60%). If we look at their accumulated profitability from last year, in the group of these four companies, Acerinox and Banco Santander stand out, which rose 26.1% and 15.9%, respectively, while ACS and IAG fell -13% and -4.9%, respectively.

Almirall (28.8%), ArcelorMittal (28.7%), Caixabank (26.9%) and Cellnex (26.4%) are the rest of the Ibex 35 listed companies that face the new year with earnings forecasts on the stock market for the next twelve months above 25%.

Santander, the bank with the most potential

That said, by sector, the Ibex pharmaceutical and steel companies stand out, but banking is also another area that has good outlook as fundamental for the next twelve months.

Of all the banks, Santander is the one with the highest upside potential, specifically, 32.45%, followed by Caixabank, with 26.90%.

By profitability accumulated in 2021, Banco Sabadell is the Ibex 35 entity that did the best last year, when its securities gained more than 67% on the stock market.

Only six Ibex values ​​with negative potential

And leaving the best aside, we move on to the least if we want to buy stocks based on their path for next year according to the Reuters consensus.

In this sense, it should be noted that only six values ​​of the Spanish selective have a negative potential for the next twelve months. And, within this group, energy companies are the companies that fare the worst.

Naturgy is the value that has a further downward path, specifically -22.80%, followed by REE (-11.70%) and Enagas (-5.9%). Also negative is the potential of Laboratorios Rovi (-5.9%), Ferrovial (-1.70%) and Acciona (-0.17%).

Source: Reuters Profitability 2021 Average Target Price Potential (%) at 12 months


44% 171,6 eur -0,17%


Acerinox 26,1% 15,48 eur 33,10% Access the Acerinox ANALYSIS


-13% 31,08 eur 31,6%


Aena -2,4% 147,84 eur 4,37% Access the ANALYSIS of Aena


3,5% 14,53 eur 28,8%

Access Almirall ANALYSIS


0,2% 63,62 eur 4,5%

Access Amadeus ANALYSIS


49% 36,85 eur 28,7%

Access ArcelorMittal ANALYSIS

Sabadell Bank

67,2% 0,66 eur 10,5%

Access the ANALYSIS of Banco Sabadell

Santander Bank

15,9% 3,89 eur 32,45%

Access the ANALYSIS of Banco Santander


38,7% 5,35 eur 18,4%

Access the ANALYSIS of Bankinter


30,2% 6,43 eur 22,6%


CaixaBank 14,9% 3,07 eur 26,9% Access Caixabank ANALYSIS
Cellnex 12,5% 64,92 eur 26,4% Access Cellnex ANALYSIS
CIE Automotive 24,1% 29,24 eur 8,54% Access Cie Automotive ANALYSIS


13,6% 19,09 eur -5,9%

Access Enagás ANALYSIS


-9,6% 23,47 eur 16,3%

Access Endesa’s ANALYSIS


22% 27,43 eur -1,7%

Access the Ferrovial ANALYSIS

Fluidra 68% 38,13 eur 8,8% Access the Fluidra analysis


-29,3% 25,81 eur 52,7%

Access the ANALYSIS of Grifols A


-4,9% 2,5 eur 39,7% Access the IAG ANALYSIS
Rovi Laboratories 94,7% 68,69 eur -5,9% Access the Rovi ANALYSIS


-11% 11,56 eur 10,25%

Access the Iberdrola ANALYSIS


9,5% 31,94 eur 10,56%

Access the Inditex ANALYSIS


36,4% 11,95 eur 23,9%

Access Indra ANALYSIS

Colonial Real Estate 2,8% 9,54 eur 14,9% Access the ANALYSIS of Inmobiliaria Colonial
Mapfre 13,3% 2,03 eur 11,1% Access Mapfre ANALYSIS
Meliá Hotels 4,9% 6,97 eur 11,9% Access the ANALYSIS of Melia Hotels
Merlin Properties 23% 10,43 eur 6,9% Access the MERLIN Properties ANALYSIS


51% 21,91 eur -22,8%

Access the ANALYSIS of Naturgy

PharmaMar -19,7% 88,61 eur 56,5% Access PharmaMar ANALYSIS

Electric Network

13,4% 16,98 eur -11,7%



26,5% 12,88 eur 21,9%

Access Repsol ANALYSIS

Siemens Gamesa

-36,3% 23,44 eur 11,35%

Access the Siemens-Gamesa ANALYSIS


-27,5% 19,71 eur 11,7%

Access the ANALYSIS of Solaria


18,7% 4,29 eur 11,15%

Access the ANALYSIS of Telefónica

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