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The 5 keys to the unemployment data for December 2021

December 2021 has closed a year of record records in terms of reduction of the unemployment and creation of job. 2021 has been the year not only of the recovery of the covid, but of surpassing the previous records. The working market For now, avoid the obstacles of the omicron variant, the escalation of inflation and the shortage of raw materials to close 2021 with a record of active workers and the lowest level of unemployment in the last 14 years. However, the statistics do not mask high doses of temporality and the question remains of how much longer the labor market will be able to sustain the current rates of job creation.

Ertes are still in a descending phase and, compared to the peak of affectation reached during the first stages of the pandemic, the volume of workers affected is currently residual. The Government has updated this Tuesday the unemployment data and Social Security affiliation, which show that Catalonia It has also experienced a historic December and 2021. These are the five keys.

Employment: 19.8 million employed, an unprecedented record

The working market Spanish has gained 776,478 affiliates to Social Security this 2021, up to a total of 19.8 million active workers. The Spanish economy lengthens its expansionary phase of employment and adds new employees in 10 of the 12 months of the year. December has been a good month, without being the best in the historical series, and the slowdown in occupancy growth given the advance of omicron has been minimal.

Although employment exceeds pre-pandemic levels, not all sectors have better records than in 2019. The most obvious cases are those of the hospitality industry, one of the lungs of occupation in Spain, and artistic activities, both especially affected by restrictions during the last two years of the pandemic.

Unemployment: Return to pre-financial crisis levels

The unemployment this December it extended its downward trend and chained down 10 consecutive months of reductions, an unprecedented streak. Spain has seen unemployment decrease in 2021 by 782,232 people and stands at a total of 3.1 million of unemployed people, its lowest level since 2007. In other words, the effervescence of employment in the last year has made it possible not only to leave the coronavirus behind, but also to return to pre-bubble records.

The gender bias it survives behind that general unemployment statistic. And it is that after the reduction in unemployment registered in December, the Spanish labor market achieves for the first time that there are fewer unemployed women than before the covid. Well, until now only men had recovered the unemployment levels of 2019.

Self-employed workers resist the crisis

The collective of self-employed It is successfully weathering the two years of the pandemic and consolidated in 2021 the level of 3.3 million self-employed throughout Spain. During the last year it has added a total of 56,990 members, its best year since 2014. Although during the year there were times when the most representative organizations of the group warned that the progressive withdrawal of public aid could lead to a loss of personnel In the group, especially those with lower incomes, at the moment the statistics do not reflect this trend and maintain the green numbers.

ERTE: 97% of workers have left the file

The ertes, who were a vital shield for the employment of up to 3.5 million workers During the harshest months of the pandemic, they have been reduced to residual levels. In December there were 102,548 employees affected by a suspension file and almost half were partially suspended. The trend continues to decline, at the expense of potential rallies in December given the unpredictable advance of the omicron and the closure of certain activities, such as nightlife and discos. At the moment, there were 35,000 fewer affected in December than when the last extension of the covid ertes was activated, which has coverage until May.

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Catalonia consolidates the 3.5 million employed

Catalonia this 2021 was no stranger to the historical exercise in terms of employment data and managed to surpass and consolidate the level of the 3.5 million employed. Never before have there been so many active workers in the Catalan provinces. Barcelona was the territory that dumped in November from the occupation. It also fell from the 370,000 unemployed nationwide, which is already 20,000 less than before the covid. Employment has grown in Catalonia in the last year by 4%, a level above the Spanish average and slightly below that registered in the Madrid’s community (4,5%).

Regarding unemployment, in the last year Catalonia has been the second autonomous community that has lowered its unemployment levels the most. With an interannual decrease of 23.7%, more than double that of Madrid (-9.7%) and only surpassed by Baleares (-32.4%). The interannual reduction in unemployment has been generalized in all the autonomous regions.

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