Tuesday, July 5

The Civil Guard prepares to evict a macro-party in Almería that has been celebrated since New Year’s Eve



The Civil Guard hopes to be able to evict at the last minute of Tuesday the participants of the unauthorized macro-party that has been held since the afternoon of December 31 in a disused private quarry located in the place of El Hueli in Sorbas (Almería) to which, according to the first estimates, have attended about 1,500 people in different vehicles.

As a Commandery spokesman explained to Europa Press, the agents of the Citizen Security Unit (Usecic) who have been working in the area since last Sunday, with peaks of up to fifty agents in the area, hope to be able to evict the 500 participants who are still reluctant to leave the field where tents and stages have been installed.

Thus, they have pointed out that the alleged promoter has been identified of the private party although the investigation is ongoing. The alleged perpetrator could face a crime of usurpation by having invaded private property that was restricted, since access to the quarry was forced to give way to those attending the event.

In this way, the agents strive to evict the farm that is carried out in a “very slow” way to “avoid greater risks with the circulation of traffic”, since there are still more than 200 vehicles including cars, vans and caravans that crowd in the area where there has been a concentration that has ignored covid-19 prevention measures .

Parallel to the eviction, minutes have also been drawn up for administrative infraction to the participants of the event in which the music, at a high volume, could still be felt in the surroundings early this Tuesday, as confirmed by the mayor of the municipality , José Fernández.

The City Council became aware of this ‘rave’ on December 31 as a result of the notices given by neighbors close to the place, for which it gave notice to 062 and to the Almería Command in order to dissipate the party that takes place in a “private property” land.

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