Monday, July 4

The good thief



Rajoy tells Sostres on ABC that he has discovered the weekend, and that it is magnificent. It makes me think. All the headlines that Rajoy stole from us in politics, he now shoots them in gusts, and Sostres knows how to provoke them. Ángel Antonio Herrera taught me that a good interview must be a robbery, and I add that the journalist must be the good thief: he knows he is doing evil, but he will end up in Paradise.

The American journalist Joan Didion, who has now had to die, stole the title of an article from Orson Wells because she liked the way it sounded: “Why do I write?”, Which in English sounds very sing-song: “Why I write” . And he dedicated the article to explain himself: «Write

it is an aggressive act, even hostile. It’s telling the reader to change their mind, sometimes using surreptitious bullying techniques. ” This Sostres does very well too.

I asked him once why he wasn’t writing a book. He, who writes how he eats – very fast and in small and exquisite bites – replied that everything that needs to be said per day fits in a column. I know him well and know that he referred to a column every day, even two on special occasions. Sostres will only go out of his way to fulfill his deepest dream: that the director of ABC offers to write the entire newspaper, from the A of the head to the end of the back cover. From nine o’clock in the morning, after leaving Maria at school, until closing time, where he will arrive without disheveled and not because he is “uncle bald” as someone once told him and he took him to a column – a good bully It is also the same with oneself-, but because Sostres always arrives on time, although sometimes it passes through secondary roads. This reminds me of my great-uncle Torcuato, who arrived on time for the Transition, and got angry with those who were late: “Arriving late is like being in the wrong place.” Because being late is another way of stealing.

The columnist takes on a new dimension in the book. So Didion, so Ruano, so Threshold. The columnist’s books are a wonderful ‘rare bird’ to the reader, unlike the novelist’s columns. And, in addition, they allow you to enjoy the author not in small and exquisite doses, but in a long and peaceful weekend like those that Rajoy has just discovered. And without stealing from anyone.

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