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The national honor



The classics had the national honor as the distinctive of the monarchy, and the civic honor as the distinctive of the republic, which the finolis called virtue.

The honor of Spain was conceived and coined by a Catalan (“let us retain this fact,” says Sánchez-Albornoz), Jaime I, in 1271, before Gregory X at the Council of Lyon, when he offered himself for a new crusade.

“Barones, we can go now: today at least we have left the honor of Spain well placed,” he said goodbye.

Six and a half centuries later, before the war of 14, another Catalan, Cambó, proposed non-resistance in the event of being invaded, but Pablo Iglesias, simple as a marble, stood as what it was, a marble: «Until there we could get there! In

at that point we would believe that the moment had come to go in defense of the national honor ».

The Republic founded the Order of the Republic, “a rude and bouncy title”, in the opinion of Madariaga, who proposed ‘Villalar’ (‘to give wings of victory to that sad defeat’) or the ‘Order of the grenade’ (‘ because I saw in the taking of Granada and the simultaneous discovery a double event symbolized by a grenade throwing its grains into the world »). In both cases Azana, who had less political modesty than the stern of a goat, exclaimed: “Never!” As soon as he caught the chair, he threw the ‘Honorary Citizen’, another Madariaga creation, into the basket.

The ideology of Dostoyevsky’s nihilists was essentially the denial of honor, and the simplest way to attract a Russian was to openly proclaim the right to dishonor. With that people came to them in droves: there would be no one left on the other side.

-For the Russian, honor is nothing more than a superfluous burden. I belong to the old generation and I confess that I am in favor of honor, but only out of habit. I like the old ways, but only out of cowardice, ”says Karmazinov, whose model for Dostoyevsky was his hated Turgenev.

Spain and Russia could have in common the soul … and corruption.

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