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The tourist recovery of Catalonia is one step behind that of the whole of the State

A month away from the Christmas holidays, Catalonia it had accumulated 5.2 million foreign visits. According to him Statistics National Institute (OTHER), in November alone, more than half a million people passed through the community, a figure that represents an almost ten-fold increase in visits from the same month last year (58,000). Despite this, this level of tourism is still 42% lower than last November before the pandemic and also shows that the comeback in Catalonia is somewhat slower than that of the rest of the State.

The November X-ray shows that Spain has recovered in this month 72% of the tourism that it registered in the same period of 2019, far, in short, from the 57% recorded by Catalonia. Although this is largely explained by the tourist flows typical of a month like November, where, for example, the Islands Canary Islands They take 30% of the total international visits, the phenomenon is also repeated in the analysis of what has happened since the beginning of 2021.

Thus, while between January and November the whole of the State recovered 35% of the international tourism it had received in the same eleven months of 2019, Catalonia was far from a third, at 28%. And something similar shows the comparison between 2021 and 2020: until November of last year, Spain had received 54% more foreign visits than the previous year, and the increase in Catalonia remained at 37%.

“There have been important changes in the tourist mentality and both the conditions of the pandemic and the fear of the pandemic have made tourists more willing to go to open places than closed places and to places more of nature than urban”, explains the professor of UPF-BSM, Josep Francesc Valls. The bet of this expert is that the statistics of Catalonia are conditioned by the Barcelona effect: according to his data, the Catalan capital registers a worse performance than the Costa Brava or the interior, which are recovering even at a better rate than other areas of Spain.

Tourist expenditure

According to the data published this Tuesday by the INE, these international visitors left around 5 million euros in total in Catalonia, 15% of the spending accumulated by the State as a whole until November. Again in this case, Spain recovers 36% of the prepandemic spending and Catalonia barely reaches a quarter of the volume at that time.

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Despite all this, Catalonia is the second community that received the most visits both in November and in the accumulated of the year. The podium of the eleventh month of 2021 is led by the Canary Islands and completes it Andalusia, and the one of the year as a whole is headed by Balearic Islands and the Canaries close it.

The main issuing country of tourism remains France, which is the place of residence of 5.3 million tourists who visited Spain until November of last year. This is followed by Germany, which with around 4.8 million doubles the figure for the same period in 2020, and the United Kingdom, where almost 4 million tourists come from.

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