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The Treasury has returned 9.900 million at the end of the Income campaign to 13.8 million taxpayers

The Tax Agency has already returned 9,907 million euros to 13,859,000 taxpayers of the 2020 Personal Income Tax, so that, as of December 30, 97.7% of the requested returns have been made in number and 94.3% of the corresponding amounts requested have been paid.

The tax body highlights that these are ratios that improve those of the previous season on the same dates (97.2% and 93.2%, respectively), given that the year-on-year decrease in payments, both in number and amount, It is less than the drop registered in taxpayers’ requests for refund.

The Agency has received a greater number of declarations this year (+ 2.9%), exceeding the figure of 21,725,000, of which more than 14,187,000 (-2%) have been with a refund request (65% of the total). In turn, 6,059,000 have given a result to enter (+ 7.4%).

The IRPF 2020 campaign was characterized by a reinforcement of personalized assistance, both by phone – ‘We Call You’ plan – and in offices, which facilitated the presentation of 1,680,000 returns through these channels, 14% more than last year .

Again in this campaign, the Tax Agency designed a reinforced plan for telephone assistance in the filing. Taxpayers who required personalized help did not have the need to wait for the opening of the assistance in offices and, in any case, unnecessary travel was also avoided, especially taking into account the persistence of capacity limitations and the derived safety distance requirements of the health situation.

Since its launch in May, more than 1,152,000 declarations have been submitted through the ‘We Call You’ plan, a figure similar to that of a year ago and 4.8 times higher than two years ago, so that this route returns to be the first personalized assistance filing formula used by the taxpayer. At the same time, more than 527,000 statements were presented in person.

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In any case, the vast majority of taxpayers (20,045,000, more than 92% of the total) have continued to file their returns online. More than 19,631,000 have submitted them through the Agency’s website, 1.8% more than the previous year and 8.8% more than two years ago, and almost 414,000 through the Agency’s mobile application , 13.3% more than a year ago.

The Tax Agency affirms that this important use of telematic channels by taxpayers has allowed that before the start of the telephone assistance this year, more than 30% of all the declarations of the campaign were already presented.

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