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Two foreign and two national firms are interested in Alu Ibérica, according to Industry

The Ministry of Industry assured this Monday that “Two foreign and two national companies” have been interested in the acquisition of the factories of Alu Ibérica in Avilés and La Coruña. These official sources did not identify the companies, but revealed that from the bridge of the Constitution – before the bankruptcy administrators took control of the aluminum factories – the Government works “to find the solution.” And they say the bridge because before the Minister Reyes Maroto had said several times that a solution for the crisis could only be activated when the bankruptcy administrators had been established and that happened on the 13th.

But nevertheless, The first decision of Miguel Gómez Gordillo’s team was to present a collective dismissal file for the entire Avilés workforce (250 people). The Ministry of Industry, in this regard, regretted the implementation of this regulation that the workers consider to be the last straw for three years of struggle for a future that they now see closer to the abyss than to salvation.

The Government of Spain, with the announcement of the entry of four companies in the aluminum drama, does not want to launch the bells to the flight: “We say that they have been interested, not that they are going to buy it. Buying an aluminum factory is not so easy and it is not done overnight ”.

However, it happens that insolvency administrators –those who have executive power in the company, that is, those who can sell the entire factory or in pieces and also those who can fire – assured the workers last Thursday that “they had not received any offer” by the company. To questions from this newspaper, they detailed that the only thing they had attended were “approximations”, that is, expressions of interest without any specificity. In addition, from the national secondary market.

All this only has an explanation for the workers: “Someone is deceiving us” and they are not willing to continue to admit that they dance the water. So José Manuel Gómez de la Uz, the president of the works council of the San Balandrán aluminum factory, pointed to the end of an extraordinary plenary session in which the union representatives agreed to a rally on Saturday (12.00 hours) in the Plaza de España in Avilés and a caravan of cars to Oviedo with a schedule to be determined.

“I can accuse Minister Reyes Maroto of industrial terrorism because the entire aluminum sector has been charged and nothing happens, he has done absolutely nothing,” said the union representative. “They are empowered, they can save this factory by making SEPI intervene: there is no possible excuse. Aluminum is a metal for the future and he is proposing that it not be made in Spain ”, added De la Uz.

Last Thursday the staff learned about the situation of the company’s current accounts after the management of the factory owner (the one investigated by the Víctor Rubén Domenech National Court, who is also known as David Domenech). The result is zero income and almost half a million current expenses per month. To prevent the hole created at the time when Domenech was in charge of the factory from becoming an abyss, the bankruptcy administrators proposed the massive dismissal of 250 workers (all but 4). They communicated it then, on the 30th, because that was when the follow-up meeting of the ERTE approved in November was scheduled.

“We did not expect to be in this situation so quickly. TI have to explain that we signed a temporary regulation very recently. Was a FOR HIM founded by the judicial administration to seek the viability of the company since we were being told by the administrations that there were investors for the company and right now we are very surprised that suddenly, in the second meeting we have, they plant our dismissal “, summarized De la Uz. The clarity workers are hoping for has yet to come.

The National Court tracks a million euros that Parter moved

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 3 of the National Court, María Tardón, tracks the money movements of the companies that bought the Avilés and La Coruña (Galicia) aluminum factories from the multinational Alcoa to determine the fate of 1,150. 000 euros transferred to an account of the financial institution Sparkasse Schwyz, based in Switzerland, according to the documentation obtained by “El Periódico de España”.

The North American multinational Alcoa informed the instructor that it does not have information on the transfer of this 1.1 million. Specifically, the payment made by the firm Alu Holding AC Spain in favor of an account owned by the company Blue Motion Technologies AG, an instrumental company with which the Swiss Parter Capital acquired the factories in Galicia and Asturias.

In this way, the North American company responds to the request made by María Tardón by means of an order of December 13, 2021 in which she requested that a document be provided containing an alleged agreement dated July 27, 2019 by virtue of which moved the money to Switzerland.

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In your search for these funds, The instructor has run into the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office, which has not wanted to collaborate with the National Court to find the money that disappeared in Alcoa’s resale process in April 2020, as “La Información” advanced.

The multinational explains that the transfer it now tracks was made by two companies belonging to Parter, which were never owned by Alcoa, and about whose accounts it had no knowledge: “None of those accounts was in the scope of the Agreement on Transition Services (TSA). Coupled with this, we do not know what the ‘agreement of July 27, 2019’ may refer to “.

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