Thursday, October 6

Vox wants to rule



Fernández Mañueco, Moreno Bonilla and Casado want the same thing: that they get an Ayuso. In other words, a very broad electoral result close to the absolute majority that allows them to govern alone, without the need to ask Vox for more than their abstention. That is what the three want, but the one who is furthest from achieving it is the president of the PP, because all the polls attribute to Abascal’s party a third of the seats necessary to retire Pedro Sánchez. If the popular maintain Castilla y León and Andalusia without marrying anyone, the left will have more difficulty attacking Casado in the general campaign. All this, of course, amounts to selling the skin of the

bear before we have seen the bear, but there is also another option. That Vox in governments wants to behave like a government party, respectable, without loquerías. That is to say, being the opposite pole to insolvent extremism with which Podemos, on the other spectrum, has squandered its political adventure.

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