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  • Canal do Discord distributed “cryptocurrency of grace”, but receives coup alert

    In a new case of online fraud, coup leaders are exploring a popular communication platform discord to attract uninformed users and rob their funds. Through a custom URL called “BNBChain”, criminals create a fake and malicious server, disguised as “BNB Chain”, in order to trick their victims. By entering the server, users are induced to […]

  • SEC Approves New Rules With Eyes On Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    Key facts: SEC Chairman Gary Gensler says more rules are on the way. Coinbase and other industry players insist that cryptocurrencies are not securities. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today approved a new rule to “prevent fraud, manipulation and deception” in any transaction related to the exchange of securities. This was reported […]

  • Estas son las verdaderas joyas de BME Growth: Casos de éxito

    El mercado de BME Growth acoge cada vez más a nuevas pequeñas y medianas empresas que desean acudir al mercado de capitales en vista de la buena evolución y la buena marcha del negocio que muchas de ellas experimentan tras dar el salto. Por ello, este mercado ofrece cada vez más alternativas distintas para los […]

  • Satsconf announces 2023 edition for the first week of November

    After the success of the first edition, which counted with the participation of more than 500 enthusiasts and more than 40 national and international speakers, to satsconf is back for its second edition, from 2 to 5 November in São Paulo. In the 2023 edition, the event will present a hackathon, where developers will have […]

  • What is Web3 and what does it have to do with cryptocurrencies?

    1 What are Web1 and Web2? The “Web3” it is also a term used to differentiate the current state of cyberspace services compared to the new developments that are being introduced. In this sense, two more words coexist with this concept “Web1” and “Web2”. The first refers to the Internet era between 1989 and 2004, […]

  • Changpeng Zhao Summons to US Court After SEC Lawsuit

    Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao (aka CZ) was subpoenaed to respond before a United States District Court in Washington, DC, in the case of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit in against the bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchange. so it sample a judicial document disclosed this Wednesday, June 7, in which it is […]

  • Banco Central do Brasil marks studies on digital Real

    The Central Bank of Brazil disclosed a round of studies involving the digital Real, which will take place in public events in the coming months, with presentation on the YouTube channel of the autarchy. according to or BCBthe event route must present the national currency tokenization concepts, by November 2023. The forecast of the central […]

  • Justiça orders Santander to reopen the cryptocurrency brokerage account

    Banco Santander went to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), so as not to have to reopen the account of the Bitcambio cryptocurrency brokerage, based in Niterói. In the first and second instance, the bank had already received a determination to resume the account of the brokerage. The Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio […]

  • Binance CEO denies he has been shot 27 times after pulling out an AK-47 in confrontation with US police

    Besides the SEC process, the founder of Binance is also needing to defend against fake news. In a tweet published in this quarter-feira (7), Changpeng Zhao shared a news clip about his death, but classified it as false. Written in chinês, the false matter already suggests in its title that Changpeng Zhao “morreu in a […]

  • Optimism is updated to reduce costs in the second layer of Ethereum

    Key facts: Transaction costs will be cut almost in half, as expected. User funds will be available sooner due to reduced confirmation time. The Ethereum Optimism second-layer scalability solution completed its most significant update to date on June 6. It is the hard bifurcation or hard fork Bedrock, which will reduce gas costs by 40%. […]