Arteche celebrates its 75 years of history with its sights set on a future of innovation and growth

Arteche took its first steps in a shop on Calle Gordóniz, in Bilbao, where the first licensed measurement transformers came from. Shortly after, the first factory was born in Mungia, halfway between Bakio and Bilbao. Auxiliary relays were added to the transformers, and, 75 years later, there are more than 2,500 people who continue the legacy of a family business that, in its third generation, maintains the illusion of the first day.

Through innovation and internationalization, Arteche has been growing and opening up to the world. Currently, the company sells its products in more than 175 countries thanks to its 13 factories in four of the five continents: Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. “The international recognition achieved is based on products at the forefront of the energy sector, a close and flexible service, a socially responsible management and the fulfillment of the commitment acquired with the care of the planet2, declare from the company.

institutional act

This Friday, October 21, Arteche has celebrated the institutional act of its 75th anniversary at its headquarters in Mungia, which has been attended by different generations of relatives. In addition, they have had the institutional presence, among others, of the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu; Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government; and Unai Rementeria, regional deputy of Bizkaia, as well as a wide representation of the different interest groups that have accompanied Arteche on this path: suppliers, clients and representatives of other companies in the territory, management team and representatives of the social part of the company; All of them are essential to understand its journey in these 75 years of history.

Before starting the event itself, held inside the Ultra High Voltage Laboratory, the authorities have made a visit to the facilities accompanied by Alex Artetxe, president and CEO of the company, and Luis María Pérez, general director of Arteche.

During the tour, they have seen first-hand part of the production process and some of the developments such as the capacitive cell, testing and monitoring of the product, which serves to guarantee that the highest quality standards are met by checking the operation of the product. throughout the entire process; transformer core drying ovens; and elements of robotics and artificial intelligence, among which are 2 robots that facilitate operational efficiency through a programmed route.

In his speech during the institutional act, the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has underlined that «Arteche maintains the founding values ​​of the family business and the competitive capacity of a global company in a highly competitive market». In addition, he highlighted “Arteche’s commitment to the challenge of decarbonisation and the energy transition” and that it has also been “a pioneer company in assuming the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Alex Artetxe, for his part, he has valued the work done by the two generations that have preceded his, the third, and has celebrated that the fourth is already “knocking on the door”. At the same time, he underlined that they are “very grateful for the magnificent legacy we have received, for the people and professionals who have accompanied us and continue to accompany us along the way, and we work so that, in the future, Arteche is stronger, bigger , more sustainable and more international; a company that has the best talent and in which we continue to remember where we come from and what our roots are.”

A year of celebration

In addition to the institutional event held in Mungia, Arteche has organized other initiatives to commemorate its 75 years of history. The year began with the Adding Energies Solidarity Race, a flexible race, without a circuit or route, in which you could participate on foot, by bicycle or running. The objective: to facilitate the supply of electricity for a whole year to 75 families in a disadvantaged situation in the different regions where Arteche has a presence.

Between February 14 and April 29, the participants registered kilometers in a mobile application and, thanks to the effort and involvement of everyone, the necessary kilometers were achieved to go around the world. Cáritas has been the organization in charge of determining which families will receive the electricity supply and, within the framework of the World Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17), the corresponding agreements have been signed to begin with the supply.

To carry out this solidarity initiativeIn addition to the commitment of Cáritas, the combined energies of Iberdrola as gold sponsor, and Jema Irizar Group, Hitachi, Shemar, Krempel, Atlantic Forwarding Spain, Nynas, DSV, Urrutia Logistika and Omicron as silver and bronze sponsors have been essential.

Arteche is a family business that, right now, is made up of a family of more than 2,500 people. “To reach 75 years of history, just as important as the family that makes up the company’s workforce around the world is the family that each of the employees has in their homes.”

For this reason, this weekend, Arteche will celebrate the Family Day together in all its geographies. In this internal and festive event, the people who make up the company will be able to share a day of music, entertainment, gastronomy and some surprises that have not yet been revealed at the company’s facilities on four continents.

“Three quarters of a century have passed since the company took its first steps. Arteche, as a driving company and backbone of the territory, is working on a more innovative, more sustainable and more international future. All of this while maintaining roots with the land that saw it born and making a positive difference for the local communities where it settles.”

In a present and a future marked by challenges such as the energy transition and the decarbonisation process, “the goal for Arteche is to continue offering added value to customers, suppliers and society as a whole through innovative, reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions.”


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