Playboy two bitcoins turn around to keep in love in private jail

Or “Playboy two bitcoins”, Marlon Gonzalez Motta, who has already applied blows to dozens of Brazilians with promises of returns with cryptocurrencies, became angry for keeping his ex-girlfriend in private jail.

Information about the case was disclosed by the Balanço Geral do Distrito Federal, who had access to the process moved by the woman that Marlon was related to in 2019.

At the same time, he became famous after practicing various strokes using the image of bitcoin and living a luxurious life as two clients.

“Playboy dos bitcoins” turns around again, now in process moved by ex-girlfriend

During his hits against bitcoin investors, Marlon Gonzalez, or playboy two bitcoins, was also pointed out as an extremely violent person.

This violence was committed against his own girlfriend, who was threatened with death by him, second in a recent case that has repercussions on Brazilian justice.

According to the woman, whose name has not been revealed, even if she lives in the Federal District today, Marlon still sends messages to her through applications and social networks, containing threats against her and her family.

In 2019, he wanted to put a weapon to the victim’s head and say that a woman would be dead if he didn’t know or command him. The process still accuses the playboy of two bitcoins of igniting her for several days in an apartment with serious threats, as well, he also responds for the crime of private prison.

The defendant was denounced by the Public Ministry of the Federal District, the authority that accompanies the case. A recent determination of justification prohibits Marlon from sending messages to his girlfriend and her family.

EITHER livecoins I did not find Marlon Gonzalez for comments, but the space remained open for demonstrations.

Host says that Playboy two bitcoins is a “jumento that should be imprisoned”

To see that Marlon is intent on the life of a woman, or Balanço Geral chamou’s presenter or stylist of “jumento”, stating that he should be imprisoned before he commits a physical crime against his ex-girlfriend.

A justiça is urging the case, more than one moved against the coup leader who has been accused of several coups in the Brazilian capital.

It did not start in 2022, it is worth mentioning that Playboy condemned two Bitcoins to prison for his blows, but he still was not imprisoned.

To avoid being victims of coup plotters who promise high and fast profits with cryptocurrencies, it is important that investors study and do not trust third parties.


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