Vereadores of João Pessoa approve event on cryptocurrencies

The vereadores of João Pessoa approved a special session in the Municipal Chamber to discuss cryptocurrencies and tokenization, placing the capital of Paraíba as the first in the Northeast to initiate discussions on the subject.

On purpose I was presented by the vereador “Carlão Pelo Bem” (PL), who says he is a supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro, Christian and direct.

As justification that it is necessary to discuss or issue a city with more than 800 thousand inhabitants and one of the two main tourist spots in the Brazilian northeast, his proposal was voted by other parliamentarians on October 18.

Após aprovação da Sessão Especial, ficou marked a meeting já in the next second-fair (24).

Residents of João Pessoa discuss cryptocurrencies in the next second-fair (24)

On the next second-fair (24), at 2:00 p.m., the Municipal Chamber of João Pessoa will host its first event on the topic of cryptocurrencies and possibilities of tokenization of the city. Either he found a hybrid, or he found a non-plenary Senator Humberto Lucena.

According to the vereador who presented the proposal, cryptocurrencies are part of the future and this issue cannot fail to be debated by the government.

“Independent of money, it is important that children learn at school how to manage money, or what is fixed and variable income – important information for an adult to avoid unnecessary divisions and know how to use them to multiply their responsibility and income security. As cryptocurrencies need to be included in this process, because they represent the future.”

To publicize the special session event through its social networks, the viewer Carlão Pelo Bem placed Bitcoin in the spotlight for his followers, making it clear that the technology of the world’s greatest digital currency will be debated.

Stories on Instagram from João Pessoa’s vereador, Carlão Pelo Bem. Playback.

In the video, the vereador asked that people pay attention with blows in the sector

As a theme that has arisen all over the world in recent years, cryptocurrencies will record large valuations and become the means of payment for various companies.

Despite this, coup plotters will emerge in the sector to promise fixed returns with cryptocurrencies, leading families to lose all assets. Assim, or vereador da João Pessoa defended that it is important to separate the blows when looking for knowledge about technology, being this a stage of financial education.

Second, a coup plotter was imprisoned for a short time after leaving a prejudice of 4 billion reais, but the vereador was not in town or the name of the company and the person cited.


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