Co-founder of crypto project MakerDAO found dead after accusing CIA of sex trafficking

local fonts inform us that Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian, co-founder of MakerDAO, was found dead in the city of San Juan, in Porto Rico, on the last sixth-fair (28).

According to the information, Muchgian had drowned after being swept away by strong sea currents, having been found without life by the rescue team.

“According to the bulletin of occurrence, the facts were recorded at 9:15 a.m., when the authorities were alerted that the man, identified as Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian, had been dragged [pelo mar]”reported or newspaper El Nuevo Dia.

Meanwhile, his last tweet, published three hours before his death, calls to the attention of his followers.

At the time, the co-founder of MakerDAO — an organization behind the DAI stablecoin — accused the CIA of involvement in the sex trafficking of minors. Indo além, also commented that these people had plans to turn him on or forge provas against him, all isso with the help of his ex-girlfriend.

“The CIA, Mossad and the pedophile elite are executing some type of sex trafficking blackmail network in Porto Rico and the Caribbean islands. They are going to frame me with a laptop planted by my ex-girlfriend who was a spy. They are going to torture me tied to death.”

In another older tweet, this time published on September 4, Muchgian comments that he would be “suicided by the CIA.” Ou seja, that his death would have been caused by suicide, rather than, in truth, it would have been a weapon.

“3 possible futures for me 1) committed suicide by the CIA, 2) active escravo de la CIA with brain damage, 3) worse weighing of the people who were with me until now, I am certain that these are the only options.”

In addition to co-founding MakerDAO, Muchgian was also a co-founder of Balancer, a famous decentralized brokerage, as well as a worker in the development of BitShares.

Death to death case of John McAfee

In June last year, John McAfee, breeder of the famous anti-virus that bears his nickname, was found dead in a prison in Spain. According to information, because of his death he would have been a suicide.

Meanwhile, this was answered by many. In the end, McAfee had gotten himself a tattoo some years before, claiming that the US government was persecuting him with intent to kill him, as it seemed like an assassination.

“Receiving subtle messages from American authorities saying, with effect: ‘We are behind you, McAfee! Let’s kill you. Eu fiz uma tatuagem hoje para el caso. If I commit suicide, I don’t know. Eu was crazy. Verify my right arm”wrote McAfee two years before his death.

Therefore, at the death of the co-founder of MakerDAO, he was married to McAfee. Meanwhile, you crazy people stand out that at Praia de Condado — the place where Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian’s body was found — there were no lifesavers and that another eleven people drowned in just four months.

Perfect crime or conspiracy theory, it’s hard to know. In any case, the cryptocurrency industry loses a great name that, despite not being so famous, was of great help to the development of the sector.


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