PayPal: close to results, closer to Amazon and far from Apple

PayPal Holdings tomorrow he faces his new revalidation with the market. An exam whose average earnings per share, according to the market consensus, would be placed, saccording to Zacks at $0.95 per share. From the company they hope that its net income rises above 6,800 million from with a growth of 10%.

But beyond that in recent days the value was revalued more than 7% on the day in which amazon advertised that, in the United States, could soon start to be used on its online platform Venmo, oriented especially to the payment between individuals. Venmo has been owned by PayPal since 2012. At the moment it is only available in that country for selected customers, but it is expected that be a reality before Black Friday arrives.

On the side year we find that, competition with Apple, a great giant compared to Paypal is one of its big competitors, in this increasingly widespread and competitive payment market and is undoubtedly beginning to be a handicap, since, in the presentation of its results, Apple announced that it will begin to extend more services from now on, to seek new avenues of income beyond their products.

In its price chart we see that it has already lost almost 6% in the last five trading days for the value, in the month it cut almost 10% and in the quarter, its falls reach 6.3%. In the year it is still installed in one of the worst exercises in its history, with cuts of 55.5% for the value.

PayPal annual value quote

If we talk about recommendations, we see that from The Wall Street Journal we find an average target price of $119.21 per share for PayPal stocks, while on average, analysts who follow the stock, up to 50 bet more than a month ago to buyup to 30, with 8 overweighting their stocks in the market and 12 experts choosing to hold.

Already from Truist Securities the reduction of its target price is more considerable, because it goes from 108 dollars to 90 dollars per share while maintaining its rating of keeping in the portfolio. At Atlantic Equities, also trim your PO down to $110 from the previous $120while lowering its recommendation to neutral from positive.

As for TipRanks, on PayPal, of the 28 analysts who follow the value, 22 opt to buy and 6 to hold, while their average target price reaches $119.62 so its market potential exceeds 42.52% for value.

PayPal recommendations and target value price

From MarketBeat of the 43 analysts who follow the value, 30 choose to buy PayPal shares with 13 choosing to keep and these figures do not change compared to what market analysts thought just a month ago, while its target price reaches 132.21 dollars per share, which improves its price by more than 50% compared to yesterday’s close.

Since Morgan Stanley highlights a slight advance in the prices that it puts on the table on the value up to 135 dollars from the previous 134. His recommendation, overweight its shares in the market.

The technical indicators prepared by Investment Strategies place PayPal with one of the worst technical notes on the market and on the downside. In bearish mode, he barely reaches a total score of 1 out of 10 possible points for his actions. The volume of long-term business, which is growing for the value, barely moves positively.

On the other hand, we find that the long-term trend is bearish on both sides, both in the medium and long term, the total momentum, slow and fast, is negative for the value. The volume of business is decreasing in the medium and long term and volatility or the amplitude range is increasing, both in the medium and long term.

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